Benefits of a Steam Generator Iron

benefits of steam generator iron

A steam generator iron is one of the latest advancements in technology that has made ironing a much more convenient task. It is basically an upgrade of the conventional electric and standard steam irons and guarantees professional results when it comes to the ironing of any of your fabric, including the ornamented attires, curtains, bed … Read more

How to Iron on Patches? Step By Step

iron on patches

Want to give your jeans or sweatshirt a new touch to make it look stylish? Then be ready to learn how to iron on patches as the addition of these patches would provide a unique and the funkiest touch to your garment.  These patches could easily be fixed to the apparel you desire by pressing … Read more

Steam Press vs Iron – Comparison

The technological advancements progress from time to time and make our lives much convenient. The invention of iron gave us means to wear the wrinkle-free clothes and then the subsequent creation of steam press enhanced this task by offering better and faster performance. Though there is a clear difference between steam press and iron, yet … Read more

Steam Iron Vs Steam Generator Iron – Differences

steam iron vs steam generator iron

Steaming is the greatest technology that renders your clothing and other items excellent finishing. The discovery of steam irons and steam generator iron have made the most hated task of ironing much more convenient and safer task. These devices may share the similar purpose but there are vast differences in the operations and assembly of … Read more

How to Stop Iron from Leaking Water?

iron leaking water

Leaking water out of the iron’s soleplate has always been one of the most critical issues one has to face while ironing. Remember the time when you were almost finished ironing your apparel, but your steam iron started dripping off the water from its tank? It must be so irritating for you in such a … Read more

A Guide to Use Steam Iron as Dry Iron

how to use steam iron like dry iron

There’s no denying that delicate fabrics are more prone to getting burned and damaged when exposed to the direct heat of steam iron. Any fabric with hard-texture and thick fibers is suitable for steam ironing, such as cotton, cotton with canvas, and linen. The fabric is more likely to withstand the steam of the iron … Read more