Top 5 Ironing Mats of 2024 (Reviews & Guide)

People these days are constantly looking to maximise space within their homes, living that minimalistic life that has become so popular. Unfortunately for those who iron, it isn’t that easy to do considering the size of most ironing boards.

This is where ironing mats come into play, and why they are becoming so increasingly popular. Ironing mats, or as some like to call them, ironing pads, are thick sheets of material that have been specifically designed to iron on, acting as an ironing board.

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Best Ironing Mats 2024 Reviews:

What makes ironing mats so great is that they are just as durable and tailored for ironing as the surface of ironing boards are without the legs and tabletop taking up tons of space. They can be folded, rolled, and stored out of the way in a variety of different rooms or cupboards and you can place them on a dining table, kitchen worktop, bed, sofa, or any other flat surface you desire.

So, let’s jump into some of the best ironing mats in the UK for 2024. Here you will find our in-depth reviews and advice so you end up with the most suitable mat for you and your ironing needs.

1. smart&gentle Turbo Ironing Blanket/Ironing Mat:

Heat and steam reflection features:

This awesome ironing mat is tailor-made for steam iron usage, and its steam and the heat-reflective surface is absolutely why.

smart&gentle Turbo Ironing Blanket/Ironing Mat features:

The mat is made with a steam and heat-reflective surface for high-speed ironing, adaptable for any surface, no-slip surface for a smooth ironing experience, and it is super easy to store, making it one of the best around.

smart&gentle Turbo Ironing Blanket/Ironing Mat pros:

There are so many pros with this ironing mat as it has been specifically made for those who do a lot of ironing and need something efficient with as many beneficial features as a regular ironing board.

  • The surface of this ironing mat is heat and steam reflective, meaning you don’t need to worry about the surface burning or becoming damp and moist.
  • Due to the 4 layers and steam barrier, you can iron on any surface without worrying about damaging it.
  • There are 2 foam layers within the mat that create a non-slippery surface.
  • The mat can be folded and stored away with ease, perfect for travel or a minamalistic home set-up.
  • If you are dissatisfied with the ironing mat, you have a 2 year moneyback guarantee.

smart&gentle Turbo Ironing Blanket/Ironing Mat cons:

  • This product comes in an array of different sizes, which can be hard to see and you can end up ordering the wrong size for you and your ironing requirements.
  • The default size of the ironing mat is 100cm x 65cm, which closely resembles the size of an actual ironing board. This size is, however, actually wider than most ironing boards.
  • There is a crackling sound that is made when you are ironing, fortunately, after repetative usage, this sound will go.

smart&gentle Turbo Ironing Blanket/Ironing Mat affordability:

This ironing mat is certainly the most expensive on the list, however, it includes the most features and also comes in an array of different sizes, which is why it is more pricy, it really does depend on how much ironing you do as to whether you should purchase this ironing mat.

2. QEES Ironing Blanket/Ironing Mat: 

Key Features

Large surface area:

This ironing mat has a 48cm wide x 85cm long surface area, which makes ironing large piles of garments and clothes easy work.

QEES Ironing Blanket/Ironing Mat features:

The thick, heat-resistant material of this ironing mat is perfect for performing ironing tasks stress-free as you don’t have to worry about burning the surface underneath. Also, the size of the mat is impressive too, allowing for you to iron many different-sized clothes and garments.

QEES Ironing Blanket/Ironing Mat pros:

  • Washing machine compatible and very easy to clean by hand too.
  • The mat is made with durable, thick, and heat-resistant material.
  • This ironing mat can be folded up small and stored easily, taking up minimal space.
  • 85 cm x 48 cm dimensions make this ironing mat very similar in size to an actual ironing board.

QEES Ironing Blanket/Ironing Mat cons:

Due to the material, this mat has been known to slip around unless it is secured tightly down to an ironing surface.

QEES Ironing Blanket/Ironing Mat affordability:

For its super large size, this ironing mat is one of the least expensive on the market, making it super affordable for what it offers users.

3. BESTETHI Ironing Mat with Silicone Rest Pad:

Key Features

Machine washable and low maintenance:

This BESTETHI ironing mat cover is the perfect portable surface for ironing and allows you to iron almost anywhere around your home.

BESTETHI Ironing Mat features:

There are many features that make this ironing mat the best of 2024, it is not only machine washable, but also very compact and light in weight, weighing only 150 grams, and can be stored almost anywhere.

The mat also has been created with heat reflective material meaning that it will not burn or stain over time due to intense heat exposure. And lastly, the silicone iron stand is the perfect iron rest for when you need one! The material is burn-proof and has been created for longevity.

BESTETHI Ironing Mat pros:

For this iron, all the pros are the awesome features included:

  • Easy ironing surface, both quick and easy to set up.
  • Lightweight and compact making storage and portability very seemless.
  • The surface contains aluminium cotton which is used to protect the mat and the surface underneath from heat.
  • The silicone ironing stand is fantastic for holding your iron during intervals so that you don’t need to worry about burning or damaging anything.
  • There is an additional mesh cloth which is used to protect the more delicate fabrics when ironing such as silk.
  • The size of the ironing mat is 71cm x 50cm, which brilliantly resembles the size of a regular ironing board.

BESTETHI Ironing Mat cons:

The only con for this ironing mat is that occasionally steam can make it slightly damp and moist. If this happens to you, wait until it is dry and perhaps try and reduce your iron’s steam output a little.

BESTETHI Ironing Mat affordability:

When compared with other ironing mats, the BESTETHI ironing mat is actually one of the most affordable, despite the fantastic quality!

4. Kitchnexus Portable Heat Resistant Ironing Blanket:

Key Features

Portable and super high quality:

This ironing mat has been created using extremely high-quality materials and does its job effectively. There are 3 sizes to choose from meaning that you can replicate the size of your ironing board if you are looking to replace it with a mat.

Kitchnexus Ironing Mat features:

This ironing mat has been made with 100% cotton and uses heat-resistant material to ensure that the mat and surface underneath do not get burnt. Due to the mat being small, compact, and lightweight, storage is easy and minimalistic.

Kitchnexus Ironing Mat pros:

  • This ironing mat comes in 3 different sizes to choose from.
  • This portable ironing mat can be folded, rolled, or hung up anywhere using minimal space.
  • Made with 100% cotton.
  • Heat resistant, protective material, keeping your clothes and the surface underneath safe.

Kitchnexus Ironing Mat cons:

  • It is recommended to not to directly iron on this mat when above direct plastic or wood as it can occasionally cause damage to the surface.
  • Due to the pattern and design, quilted marks can appear on your clothes if you press too hard with your iron, be careful!

Kitchnexus Ironing Mat affordability: 

Comparatively speaking, this is one of the cheapest ironing mats to feature on our list, and it is certainly one of the best, so you are getting great value for money with this one.

5. Innovative Home Creations Ironing Mat with Silicone Pad:

Key Features

Great material, useful silicone iron rest: 

This extra-thick and heat-insulated ironing mat is a brilliant option for those with small homes that lack space. It is portable and easy to store, with a useful silicone iron rest.

Innovative Home Creations Ironing Mat with Silicone Pad features:

The mat is made with thick, heat-resistant materials, perfect for ironing and not damaging your mat, the surface underneath, or your iron. The mat can be stored easily by either folding or rolling up, and the silicone iron rest works brilliantly when you need to stop the ironing session temporarily.

Innovative Home Creations Ironing Mat with Silicone Pad pros:

  • Heat resistant padding works well at protecting your mat and ironing surface from heat.
  • Portable and easy to put away.
  • The silicone iron rest is brilliant for keeping your ironing surface protected during ironing intervals.
  • The materials used for this ironing mat are strong and ensure that the ironing mat lasts a long time.
  • This ironing mat is really easy to use.

Innovative Home Creations Ironing Mat with Silicone Pad cons:

The only con with this ironing mat is its small size, it is only 19.5cm x 29.21cm meaning that it doesn’t resemble a regular ironing board and will be difficult to iron large clothes on.

Innovative Home Creations Ironing Mat with Silicone Pad affordability:

The Innovative Home Creations ironing mat is certainly more affordable than some of the others featured on this list. However, the size of the board isn’t particularly big, so bear that in mind before making any decisions.

Buyers Guide

The way in which you should think about ironing mats as a buyer and someone who irons is that they are portable ironing boards, so you should look for the same features in an ironing mat as you do a good quality ironing board. Size, durability, longevity, weight, portability, quality and ironing features should always be running through your mind when you consider purchasing an ironing mat.

Ironig mat

Ironing Mat Reviews

After taking a look at our expert reviews on these ironing mats, it is now time to choose the right one for you, however, take in some considerations before making any purchase.

First of all, you need to compare your ironing board with how big you should have your ironing mat. Sure, you probably won’t be able to get a mat the exact same size as your current board, but you can purchase some pretty large ones.

Secondly, it is all about the material and design that works best with you. Whichever design and material you are used to ironing on with your current board are probably the best for you to go with when it comes to your ironing mat.

All-in-all when you are making the switch from an ironing board to an ironing mat you want the process to be as seamless as possible, purchasing a mat that is compatible with your iron as well as portable and easy to use is exactly what you should be looking for.

Which Ironing Mat Is The Best?

So, after a long time researching extensively, testing them out for ourselves, and learning what users like in their ironing boards and ironing board mats we have decided that the best ironing mat to buy is the smart&gentle Turbo Ironing Blanket/Ironing Mat.

Not only is this the perfect sized mat, replicating what an actual ironing board’s surface will be like, but it is a stylish design, and most importantly contains all of the features that you need to prevent any burning, melting, or water damage from occurring. Sure, the others that feature on this list might be more affordable and suitable for you and your needs, however, if you want the best, then this is your ironing mat.



Do ironing mats work?

Yes, they work perfectly for saving space in your household as they take up a fraction of the room a bulky ironing board does. They also contain many of the same qualities, like heat-resistant padding and materials that do not absorb water to protect the surface you are working on.

For stability purposes, some mats even include magnetic bottoms, allowing them to be attached to a washing machine or dryer without sliding around.

Is a wool ironing mat worth it?

Another resounding yes, wool is a fantastic material for an ironing surface due to them being incredibly thick and well insulated, which releases heat very well. The quality of wool is extremely high too, which is another plus and means that the mat will last a long time.

What is an ironing mat used for?

For such a simple question this one has been asked a lot, ironing mats are used for ironing and pressing your clothing and garments anywhere in your home that has a flat and stable surface. In fact, you could even take your ironing mat on your travels or almost anywhere you wanted, to do some ironing on the go.