How to Replace Ironing Board Cover? Easy Steps

Ironing becomes much convenient when you have a stable and sturdier ironing board. Besides taking care of your clothes while ironing, it is also important to look after the ironing board cover. Its maintenance is possible only if you replace ironing board cover from time to time. An ironing board cover ensures the safety of the ironing board against heat and steam. This guide is all about learning to replace the ironing board cover.

When and Why Should I Replace Ironing Board Cover?

Replacing an ironing board cover is essential for a smooth ironing performance. Not replacing it would make it worn. Also, the older ironing board covers mostly have stain or burn marks that could ruin your clothes. How often must you change it totally depends upon your usage. However, a standard ironing board cover must be replaced after every three years.

Learn 5 Easy Steps to Replace an Ironing Board Cover

The maintenance of ironing board cover is not only for the professionals but also for the common people who deal with ironing almost every day in their lives. It may worry you when you see your ironing board cover getting worn-out, so it is always better to learn how to get over it. Replacing an ironing board cover is not a difficult task and can be executed by anyone if they follow these 5 easy steps as described below.

Step#1 Remove the Previous Cover

To start with the replacement, the first step involves the removal of the previous cover. And for that you have to detach the fasteners beneath the board. These fasteners may be a draw-string, Velcro straps, bracer clips, or hook-and-loop straps. Now take off the old and worn-out cover.

Step#2 Check the Board Padding

Check if the ironing board pad also needs replacement. You have to fix an adequate padding before placing the new ironing board cover. There are different types of padding available, including the felt padding, foam padding, and wool padding. These pads must be durable, heat-resistant, and larger than the board.

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Step#3 Choose a Quality Cover Material

It is important to choose a quality ironing board cover material as it would help you the most in ironing. You can choose cotton ironing board cover as it can withstand high temperatures or the high-quality metalized and silicone ironing board cover that meets heavy-duty applications and is suitable for both steam and dry irons.

Step#4 Take Measurements of the New Cover

Now as you have selected the material, take proper measurements of the new ironing board cover. You need to measure it from tip to tail of the board excluding the ironing rest. Next, measure the width of the ironing board and cut the material accordingly.

Step#5 Placing the New Cover

Now as you have the accurately measured cover in your hands, you are all set to complete your replacing task. Place the material as per the measurements on the ironing board. Smooth it out with your hands all over the board. Subsequently, take the fasteners, such as the strips, straps, or clips and tightly fix the excess fabric beneath the board. And here you are all done with the replacement.


To keep your ironing board maintained for a long time and for proper ironing and care of your clothes, you need to replace the ironing board cover after every three years. This replacing would prolong the life of your board and would allow you to always have a good ironing experience. It takes only 5 easier steps to complete this task and it is guaranteed that it would make your ironing experience much better.