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Nancy Smith here, the admin and the content strategist of this website. Professionally, I am an assistant Electronics professor at the University of Chester. I love to read about my profession and a lot of interest in various home electronics appliances.

Nancy Smith (owner)

Why we started this website? there is a lot of people who are struggling to choose the best steam irons for clothes in the UK and related areas. how do we know this? we took a survey on the internet plus visit different shops(physical stores) of appliances in UK 2019

After the survey we observe lots of people are confusing regarding steam irons. So we made a decision to create a website that will help people to choose the correct iron for clothes (skirts, pants, shirts, curtains etc)

We hire a experts staff for that which is working in different iron companies and know the engineering features of iron its help us to people to understand the machine according to there purposes

Our experts have experience plus search through the whole internet to provide you better knowledge that solves your problem related to steam iron and its accessories.

We personally test it, research on different reviews and what people found out for each iron after purchasing it and make a guide on it so that people get all the benefits out of their pocket.

we believe in solving a problem of people so that’s why we cover all the things in this blog like through informational guides, review content, comparison content, etc

However, we also need your input related to the iron you’ve used so that we can include it in our next in-depth review. Please contact us on info@bestiron.co.uk or comment on any of the article’s bottom section box so that we can assist you better.