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Nancy Smith here, the admin and the content strategist of this website. Professionally, I am an assistant Electronics professor at the University of Chester. I love to read about my profession and I have a lot of interest in various home electronics and appliances.

Nancy Smith

Why did we start this website? There are a lot of people who are struggling to choose the best steam irons for clothes in the UK and the related products that make ironing easier. How do we know this? Well, we took a survey to discover more information, plus we visited various retail stores in the UK and asked the people in sales what the most common questions were from customers looking to buy an iron.

After analysing the results of our survey and the various other research we performed, we observed that there was a lot of confusion over regular irons, steam irons, stand up irons, ironing boards, what water to use, etc., etc. So we made the decision to start this website so we can help people choose the correct iron for clothes, curtains, bedding, and everything else in between.

We leverage the experience of experts who use and test various irons regularly and know the features of these appliances inside and out.

Our experts have intimate product knowledge of various different manufacturers of irons, steam irons, ironing boards, and other devices that make your ironing experience easier. They also conduct thorough research of various irons and ironing products to provide you with the best feedback and advice. We are constantly adding new steam iron reviews to our website, so check back often!

However, we appreciate that we do not know everything and it is often best for those of you that are using irons and ironing products every day to give us your feedback and what you think of a specific make and model. So, with that said, feel free to leave a comment on any one of our pages, or email us directly at info@bestiron.co.uk so we can assist you further. Thank you for visiting us, and we hope to see you back here again soon!