Best Rowenta steam irons of 2024 (Reviews & guide)

Rowenta has been one of the most trusted and well-respected brands for decades. They have been creating steam irons for over 50 years, and have been certainly keeping up with the times, producing new and innovative irons each year.

Even after 50+ years of manufacturing irons, Rowenta is still one of the most respected manufacturers. So, let’s find out which of these Rowenta steam irons is the best for you and your ironing needs. Each review includes all the amazing features each iron has to offer, with the addition of pros and cons.

Best Rowenta Steam Iron Reviews:

1. Rowenta DW9081 professional Steam Iron:

Rowenta DW9081 Steamium 1800-Watt Professional Steam Iron

Features With Explanation:

1800 Watt Power:

This Rowenta steam iron uses 1800-watts of power and has an incredibly powerful steam production rate. In fact, this model produces 30% more steam than the previous one.

Mico steam openings:

This iron performs incredibly well, with its performance being aided by its stainless steel soleplate that includes 400 micro steam openings! This Rowenta iron will glide effortlessly over your clothes too.

Precision tip:

The addition of a high-precision tip is excellent at reaching the tricky areas of your clothes, especially with shirt collars or button areas.

One-touch temp:

There is a one-touch temperature setting too, which is always set at the perfect steam and temperature for the clothes you will be ironing. The iron also produces variable steam, which is brilliant when you are pressing a variety of different clothes that are made from different materials, such as wool and silk.

Auto turns off:

This iron also has an automatic turn-off feature, which is incredibly useful. People sometimes forget to switch off their iron and it can lead to all sorts of detrimental problems. However, this iron will turn off automatically after not being in use for a certain amount of time.

  • Auto turn-off function.
  • Stainless steel soleplate.
  • 1800 Watts.
  • LED display light.
  • One-touch steam and temperature setting.
  • Cool spray mist function.
  • The water can begin to leak after a few months, however this is unlikely to happen.

2. Rowenta dw5080 focus steam iron:

Rowenta dw5080 focus steam iron

Features With Explanation:

Stylish outlook:

This awesome Rowenta DW50580 feels incredibly smooth when ironing, looks slick and features an improved precision tip that gives you access to the tricky areas of clothes that are more difficult to reach.

Stainless steel soleplate:

Additionally, like most of the Rowenta irons featured on this list, the soleplate is made of stainless steel and also uses scratch-safe technology.

Panel and Temp setting:

The control panel that is featured over the water reservoir includes 5 different fabric settings, nylon, silk, wool, and cotton. There is also a steam control switch at the top of the iron, along with the cold spray button.


The anti-calc function keeps the iron clean and prevents any sort of mineral deposition.

Swivel point:

The length of this Rowenta’s cable is 7 feet long, and it also includes a swivel point which allows it to be rotated 360 degrees. Most people, however, don’t get along too well with long cables, and if this is you, you will want to check out these cordless irons.

Turn-off time:

The iron turns off on its own after 8 minutes when placed idle on its heel and shuts down when placed unused for 30 seconds on its base.

  • Stainless steel soleplate for smooth gliding.
  • Streamlined design with precision tip.
  • Heats up quickly.
  • Anti-calc feature.
  • Self-cleaning feature.
  • Vertical steaming.
  • 1700 Watt.
  • Water runs out quicker than most.
  • The water tank may leak sometimes.
  • Heavier than most other Rowenta irons

3. Rowenta DX1251 Effective Eco Steam Iron :

Rowenta DX1251 Effective Eco Steam Iron, 2100 W, Stainless Steel Plate

Features With Explanation:

Limestone framework:

This is one of Rowenta’s eco steam irons, focussing on environmental efficiency whilst maintaining the same performance.

Stainless steel plate:

Another Rowenta ironing featuring another impressive stainless steel soleplate, ensuring brilliant steam distribution for the best results.

Steam and spray mist:

There is a continuous steam production of 25 g per minute, and it even includes an additional 75 g steam “blast” to iron out the deepest of creases.

Vertical steam:

Additionally, there is a vertical steam iron function, which is for removing creases from hanging garments, including curtains.


It is one of the most lightweight irons that Rowenta has ever produced, weighing in at an impressive 1kg.

Anti-scale function:

Like most Rowenta irons, this iron has an anti-scale feature that prevents the accumulation of limescale inside the iron, maintaining its performance, and increasing its longevity.

  • Steam boost feature.
  • Vertical steam function.
  • Spray function.
  • Stainless steel soleplate.
  • Self-cleaning feature.
  • The wire length is short.

4. Rowenta DG 8520 Steam Ironing Station – Ironing Centre:

Rowenta DG 8520 Steam Ironing Station – Ironing Centre

Features With Explanation:

Power and steam:

This Rowenta steam iron has 1800 watts of power, producing the perfect amount of steam for your clothes, producing steam at a rate of 120 g per hour and a half.

47 Ounce water tank:

An awesome feature of this iron is its highly impressive 47-ounce water tank. You will hardly have to fill the tank up while you are ironing, saving you time.


This steam iron includes a licensed Microsteam400 soleplate feature, which includes 400 steam vents and produces extraordinary amounts of heat and steam to perfectly iron your clothes almost effortlessly. Additionally, if you use the eco-vitality mode, your Rowenta will heat up in less than 2 minutes!

  • Powerful steam burst.
  • It heats up in only 2 minutes.
  • Stainless steel soleplate.
  • Due to the large tank it is heavier than most irons.
  • The power cable is comparitively short.

5. Rowenta DW9240 Steam 3100W Stainless steel Blue – irons:

Rowenta DW 9240 Steam 3100W Stainless steel Blue – irons

Features With Explanation:

Ergonomic handle:

The ergonomic handle makes this Rowenta addition great to hold, and much more comfortable for long ironing sessions.

Perfect for delicate fabric:

You needn’t worry about ironing delicate fabrics with this iron due to its vertical steam function. It is also really good at removing creases and wrinkles from suits and other garments that you are likely to hang, including curtains!

Auto turns off:

This iron is automatically turned off when left unattended for 8 minutes on its heel and 30 seconds when left idle on its soleplate or side.

Precision tip:

The precision tip helps you get into the tricky areas of your clothes quickly. The highest concentration of steam is produced at the precision tip to get the best results.

Stainless Steel soleplate:

Additionally, the stainless steel soleplate makes the ironing process that little bit more enjoyable and easy. It also has an anti-scale feature that keeps the iron-free from mineral and limescale deposits.

  • Self-cleaning feature.
  • Anti-drip function.
  • Soft and ergonomic handle for a comfortable grip.
  • Auto turn-off feature.
  • Quite heavy.
  • The water tank is not clear, so it is more difficult to see the water level.

6. Rowenta iron vapor DW8110 2600 W:

Rowenta iron vapor dw8110 2600 W

Features With Explanation:

Steel plate and anti-scaling:

The excellent steel soleplate guarantees high performance and allows the iron to glide across clothes effortlessly, also, this irons anti-scale feature keeps the scale from collecting into the iron.

Anti-drip function:

The anti-drip function pretty much 100% eliminates any possibility of watermarks appearing on your clothes.

Vertical steam:

There is a vertical steam iron function that allows easy ironing of large garments and clothes.

Press delicate clothes:

You can press delicate clothes such as silk garments without any worries by using the vertical steaming iron funciton.

Small steam vents:

There are 400 small steam vents in the soleplate, which are more concentrated on the edges and tip of the iron.

Steam generation:

It offers a consistent steam production of 40 g per minute for removing creases from light clothes, and an impressive 200 g steam boost to get rid of the deep creases.

Water tank capacity:

Also, it has a huge 375 ml water tank for long ironing sessions, and its precision tip provides easy access to troublesome areas around collars, pleats, and buttons.

  • Heats up quickly using its 2700 Watts.
  • It has a precision tip for precise ironing.
  • Perfect steam distribution.
  • 2.5-meter long wire.
  • It feels heavy due to the large water tank.
  • It may need extra space for storage.

7. Rowenta DG8962 Silence Steam Generator Iron, 2400 Watt:

Rowenta DG8962 Silence Steam Generator Iron

Features With Explanation:

High-pressure steam:

This is the quietest high-pressure iron and one of the best steam generator irons made by Rowenta. It generates powerful steam that penetrates through clothes thoroughly. 

Heavy steam boost:

It also offers a 420 g per minute steam boost for thick fabrics and hard wrinkles. Its sturdy stainless soleplate is non-stick and very durable.

Concentrated steam:

Additionally, there are tip-concentrated steam bursts for precise and easy ironing when it comes to thick fabrics with deep creases.

Steam setting:

There is also an exact setting for steam production tailored around different types of fabrics. The anti-calc function prevents calcium deposition and prolongs the life span of the iron.

  • Smoothly glides over any type of fabric.
  • Stainless and scratch-free soleplate.
  • It has a precise tip for reaching tricky areas.
  • Comfortable grip for long ironing sessions.
  • Takes a long time to heat up.
  • It can be difficult to empty the water tank.

What are the best features of Rowenta Steam irons?

Over the years Rowenta has produced countless models of steam irons that share many similar characteristics and features. However, with their more recent designs, they have started to merge their own features with new, revolutionary ironing technologies. This has, without a doubt produced some of the best irons on the market today.

Some of the features you see the most in Rowenta irons are the auto steam, automatic turn-off feature, and the stainless steel “smooth glide” soleplate. The majority of Rowenta steam irons are designed with precision and care, taking into consideration the customers’ needs.

Steam output:

The best way to gauge the performance of any iron is to assess the density of the steam. Fortunately, Rowenta has managed to design many irons that adhere to the requirements of most people. 

The vertical steam output allows you to use the iron upright for removing even the toughest of wrinkles from drapes, curtains, sofa covers, and more. The function is revolutionary and impressive since not many irons enable you to shoot vertical steam whilst being traditional in design.

Steam holes:

Many Rowenta steam irons are integrated with technology that pushes 20%/25% more steam into the layers of the clothes, producing the best ironing results.

Most brands are adding steam holes elsewhere on the body of iron, whereas Rowenta adds a few rows of holes right at the tip of irons. If you are ironing a cotton sheet, wide as well as long, you will greatly benefit from the feature.

Why do we recommend Rowenta steam irons?

Rowenta is a German brand that manufactures high-quality household items. It has been serving us since 1988. Out of the electrical appliances made by the company, steam irons are by far the most famous and highly-regarded.

The reason behind our recommendations is the reliability and performance of Rowenta steam irons throughout the years. We assure you, you won’t be disappointed after making the purchase.

Which Rowenta Steam Iron You Should Buy?

Rowenta focus DZ5914 is the best Rowenta steam iron to buy in 2024. The power rating of this iron is 2400 Watts, and the steam shot is 160g per minute, which will significantly reduce your ironing time whilst producing incredible results.

Moreover, it has an anti-drip function and also has a vertical steam function so you can enjoy ironing hung-up clothes and heavy curtains without taking them to the ironing board.


Frequently Questions



How long is the Rowenta iron warranty?

Like other reliable brands in the UK, the Rowenta iron also gives a warranty of 2 years. It also has all the spare components and separates original accessories for you in case you are in need of that. The customer can enjoy free of cost or cost-effective repairing of their irons within this warranty period from the official Rowenta centers.

Are Rowenta irons worth the price?

Rowenta irons are certainly worth the price, you literally pay what you get. Sure, some of the models might be pricier than other brands, but it is important to note that these irons will last a long time, perhaps longer than cheaper irons. Time is everything, and your ironing time is almost halved when you use these awesome irons.