5 Tips On How You Can Cut Your Ironing Time in Half

How to iron quickly

Ironing for most people isn’t the most enjoyable chore in the world, and especially in the UK, with the British voting ironing as their least favourite household chore per Tombola! This is why so many are trying to discover hacks to considerably reduce ironing time, allowing you to enjoy the things you actually love doing. … Read more

The Most Common Ironing Mistakes To Avoid!

Common ironing mistakes

Ironing, whether you love it or hate it needs to get done, and it is certainly a household chore that is no walk in the park. For many people who are novices to ironing, or perhaps have never partaken in the smoothing out of clothes, mistakes will inevitably be made. In this article, we will … Read more

How Much Electricity Does an Iron Use?

Iron electrical usage

For many homeowners electricity bills are not exactly met with open arms, in fact, most people will try their utmost to reduce or prevent electricity bills from skyrocketing each month by saving energy using an abundance of sensible tactics. One thing a lot of people don’t do is check to see how much energy is … Read more

How to make Distilled Water for Irons

How to created distilled water

A hot topic of conversation when it comes to irons and using them is often about the water. Should I use tap water or should I use distilled water (purified water)? Well, that totally depends on the kind of iron you are using, some irons require tap water, some distilled, and others will work best … Read more

Should I use Distilled Water in My Iron?

Iron Distilled Water

For many people, figuring out which water is best to use for ironing is often a confusing task. Unless your iron manual clearly states which water is best to use, it isn’t exactly easy to say which water is compatible with your iron model, due to different irons requiring different water. So, do you need … Read more

How to iron trousers? (step by step)

ironing trouser step by step

Have you ever wondered that you are always confident in ironing any of your apparel, but when it comes to ironing trousers, you hesitate or avoid it! Most people have this fear of ruining their trousers and dress pants because simply we have never learned how to iron a trouser which is a little tricky … Read more