Guidelines About Cleaning Steam Generator Iron

You must clean your steam generator iron most often to prolong its lifespan.  It may seem like a big task in the start but it really takes just a few minutes.

Whether you use steam iron or steam generator iron, the tank is filled up to the brim with water for creating the steam. Even though the device has a built-in self-cleaning and anti-caln features, water can still contain limescale. 

It is not recommended to use the iron having built-up on the soleplate or limescale, it can create tons of ugly brown stains on the garments that won’t go away ever. Not only are these stains aesthetically and visually unpleasant but also very difficult to get rid of. It is crucial to clean the device every now and then to prevent it from limescale build-up.

The important component of every best steam iron is water. No matter how much self-cleaning this device undergoes inward through its automatic system, minerals may still accumulate in it. Hard water may cause more heavier build up than the soft water. Therefore, it is important to clean it properly to dispose of any minerals accumulated on the inside.

It’s quite comfortable to have a present-day steam iron with a component through which it descale itself. But, in order to keep your device in the best shape and condition, you might want to descale it yourself whenever you can. It is as simple as supplanting the channel cartridge or exp[elling it to remove the buildup in one go. 

In this article we will review some of the most efficient cleaning methods and strategies that will work magically.

How can you clean the steam generator iron?

There’s one of the most common hacks used by grandmothers for cleaning the irons that were not built with an automatic calcium-cleaning program. This technique is still effective to this date.

All you have to do is to mix up one tablespoon of organic vinegar with two tablespoons of distilled water. Just fill the water reservoir with this solution and set the iron to its highest heat. Let the iron generate some steam for up to five minutes.

But there is another method of cleaning which is given below.

There’s another method of cleaning mentioned below. Follow these step-by-step instructions on the descaling process that will make cleaning a breeze for you. 

  • Fill the water tank with water.
  • Alter the steam level to ‘dry’ and set the highest temperature possible.
  • Allow your iron to heat up at the highest temperature level for a few minutes.
  • Hold the iron over a sink or its own pot.
  • Press the calcium-clean button. It will result in massive steam output.
  • Discharge the catch.
  • When all the water is drained from the water reservoirs, plug in the iron.
  • Let your device warm up a bit longer to dissipate any water remaining inside. 
  • In the end, unplug the iron.
  • Put it aside to cool down.

Note: You can try out the same cleaning method by filling the water tank with the mixture of vinegar and distilled water. Repeat all the steps above just the same way, the only difference would be use of the mixture instead of plain water. Vinegar will dissolve any impurities, dust and build up inside the steam iron. In addition it will unclog the steam holes as well.

We also see the reason ‘why you need to clean your steam generator iron?

Why do you need to clean your steam generator iron?

Ironing might be one of your many regular household chores that you perform more often, possibly every once in a week. With time, calcium mineral from the fabric, dust particles from the environment and lime scale from water may create a buildup in the iron. If not cleaned, the buildup may melt down when you are ironing the clothes, causing stains and damage to the fabric. 

All the accumulated minerals also reduce the performance of the device, which results in a longer ironing session. If you have not descaled your iron for a long time, the soleplate will leave brown marks  on the fabric that you iron. These stains are permanent and more visible on light-colored garments.

Limescale also prevents the iron from discharging its best steam shoots during the ironing process. Your machine consumes up the same amount of energy as before when it happens but procure less satisfactory results. In many instances it may fail to do what it is designed to do and that’s removing creases effectively from the clothes. 

Not cleaning or descaling iron may also depreciate the iron in addition to mitigating the performance. Usually descaling the iron will guarantee that it works at its ideal degree of productivity. And it also will keep going for quite a while.

The next question comes in mind: how often do you need to clean the steam generator iron?

How regularly you need to clean your steam generator iron ?

You may need to clean and descale your iron as much as you can. If you are used to using hard water in the reservoir, a weekly cleaning will be required to maintain the performance and steam output. There are a couple of visibly notable symptoms that will make you realize that your iron requires a thorough cleaning. 

  • Dark-colored water or white scale leaving the iron.
  • The steam output decreases.
  • Decreased steam shooting strength. 
  • More power consumption and less output. 
  • Iron causing dark stains and marks on the clothes 

When cleaning won’t be necessary for your steam generator iron?

If you use de-ionized or de-mineralized water, you won’t need to clean your steam generator iron all the time. You can clean it just once in a while. Since water contains no minerals whatsoever, therefore no buildup will occur in the internal system of the device. However, you will still need to clean it to make sure it works at its best during ironing chores


Above mentioned methods are just the easiest ways to clean a steam generator iron. These DIY hacks come handy when you find no other solution. They will help you do regular maintenance of iron on your own without having to get it repaired. You can prevent your device from breaking down and make it produce incredibly high steam output by just descaling it with plain water. This simple method increases the longevity and performance of the machine


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