Top 10 Best Stainless Steel Iron in UK 2021 – Reviews

If you are looking to buy a long-lasting iron, make sure to buy a stainless steel iron only because it is so much more durable than the majority of traditional irons you come across. At the same time, it is more power-efficient and proactive in removing clumsy creases from your garments too.

When you search for the best stainless steel soleplate irons, you realize that there are tons out there, built with outclass features and modalities. However, not all of them perform the same way, especially when it comes to delivering steam pressure for crease and wrinkle removal.

Here are the best UK stainless steel soleplate irons of 2021:

Rowenta 1700-Watt Micro Steam Iron Stainless Steel Soleplate with Auto-Off, 400-Hole, Brown, DW5080 (Limited Edition) *
  • STAINLESS-STEEL SOLEPLATE WITH PRECISION TIP - Provides smooth-gliding across different garment surfaces and ability to smooth hard-to-reach areas with 1700-Watts of Power..MADE IN GERMANY - Expect only the best with German made irons and Rowenta. This iron is built to last with features such as a stainless-steel soleplate, anti-calcium system to use any water, and auto-cleaning system.
  • 400 STEAM HOLES WITH 35 G/MIN OF STEAM - Patented Microsteam system with over 400 steam holes provides excellent steam distribution and penetration with 35 g/min of continuous steaming.
Hamilton Beach Steam Iron with 3-Way Auto Shutoff & Durathon Soleplate (19900) *
  • 40% more continuous steam power than the leading brands
  • 10 times more durable than traditional nonstick

Best Iron with Stainless Steel Soleplate:

1. Rowenta DW5080 Focus Stainless steel soleplate iron:


Features With Explanation:

Steam jets: 

This 1700W German-made Rowenta steam iron has a quick heat-up time and releases strong steam jets with a rate of 100g/min every time you press the button. Its stainless-steel soleplate constitutes 400 micro holes for even heat distribution and deep penetration.

Effortless glide: 

Its soleplate is durable and glides effortlessly over clothes, and the high-precision tip lets you get into hard-to-reach areas.

Thermostat Knob:

A marked thermostat dial offers easy readability and control.

Water Tank Scale:

A scale is present on the visible water tank, which helps for accurate measurements. You can know when to top up the tank as it is visible, and it has a 10-ounce capacity.

Anti-drip lid:

Its anti-drip lid prevents water leakages and allows you to steam iron your clothes at low temperatures

3-Way Shut System:

A 3-way auto shut-down system saves electricity and provides safety. After 30 seconds of inactivity, face down or on a side, or a tip-over, the iron will turn off. The same is the case when you leave it unused on its base for 8 minutes.

Spray Button:

It has a top-mounted water spray button to moisten clothes before ironing, and it comes with a robust cord.


The steam iron also features an anti-calc and self-cleaning system. The former prevents scaling and mineral buildup.


Rowenta DW5080 has a reasonable price tag, and it packs many features that are present in expensive models only.

  • Durable.
  • Easy to use thermostat knob.
  • 400 micro steam holes.
  • 35g/min of constant steam.
  • 100g/min steam shot.
  • Anti-calc design.
  • High precision tip.
  • 3-way auto shut-off.
  • Top-mounted water spray.
  • Made in Germany.
  • Steam production is not instant.
  • Takes longer to cool down.

2. Black + Decker D2030 digital advantage professional iron:


Features With Explanation:

Power consumption: 

This 1500W steam iron produces powerful steam to flatten out all creases you come across. You can choose from 7 different temperature options, according to the fabric you are pressing.

INOX Soleplate:

It has an INOX stainless steel soleplate, which is highly corrosion-resistant. It’s easy to clean, provides smooth gliding, and does not stain the fabric. A total of 62 steam vents run along the sides of the plate.

Powerful steam:

This iron is powerful enough to steam clothes without touching them vertically. It’s excellent for heavily embellished outfits that can’t be pressed on an ironing board, that’s why it’s one of the best irons.

Steam and Temperature:

Independent steam and temperature settings allow you to make customised settings. For easy reference, a temperature setting chart for each fabric type is present on its body. 2 moisture control buttons offer steam boost and light spray mist.

LCD Display:

A little LCD screen displays the setting on which the iron is running. The iron will beep, and the LCD will flash “READY” to inform you that it’s ready to use.

The feature is excellent for people having busy schedules who don’t like to waste time, even if it’s a minute.

Ergonomic handle:

It comes with an ergonomic handle that is comfortable in hand. You can iron longer without tiring your arm or spraining your wrist.

Auto shut system:

The iron automatically shuts off when left idle for 30 seconds on a side or facedown or for 8 minutes on its heel.

Auto-clean feature:

Auto-clean system removes calcium deposits. “CLEAN” flashes on the LCD when cleaning is required.

  • Heavy-duty INOX stainless steel soleplate.
  • High steam rate.
  • Simple to use.
  • LCD screen.
  • Independent temperature and steam setting.
  • Ergonomic handle.
  • 3-way auto shut-off.
  • Auto Clean™ System.
  • Anti-Drip feature.
  • Moisture Controls.
  • The retractable cord is absent. (unlike Sunbeam GCSBSP-201).
  • No precision tip (present in Rowenta DW5080.

3. Maytag M400 speed heat stainless steel soleplate steam iron:


Features With Explanation:

Excellent steam iron for sewing and quilting!

Power use and steam:

The Maytag M400 is powered by Speed Heat TM technology and 1500W power. It offers a quick heat-up time of 40 seconds and regenerates steam bursts rapidly with 3-second intervals.

Vertical ironing:

You can also use this option to steam hanging clothes vertically.

Thermostat dial:

Its precision thermostat dial allows you to choose from the fabric type, and then the temperature is set accordingly.

Heavy Soleplate:

A heavy stainless-steel soleplate moves smoothly over your clothes, providing an excellent finish.

Friendly design:

It has an ergonomic design and a comfortable handle offering a firm grip. Now those elongated ironing sessions will not tire your hands anymore! Its heel allows a gentle and secure placement.

Rotational Pivot:

Maytag M400 features an 8-foot cord with a 360-degree rotating pivot that offers more freedom and reachability.

The capacity of tank:

The water tank can carry 8.1 ounces of water, which is used to generate tons of steam. This steam is directed from steam vents onto the fabric to relax its fibers.


The iron is an independent baby and can stay clean on its own by the self-cleaning system. The anti-calc design prevents lime and calcium buildup.


An anti-drip feature is also present in the appliance. Although this feature is becoming quite common in steam irons, still its importance can’t be undermined.

3-way auto power shut:

A 3-way shut-off feature turns the iron off when it is left unattended, facedown, on a side, or in an upright position. It prevents any potential fires and clothes damage, besides saving electricity.


      4. Black + Decker D3030 allure professional steam iron:


      Features With Explanation:

      Dynamic Surge tech:

      This 1600W steam iron uses the Dynamic Steam Surge technology that produces 30% more steam than its competitors like Shark GI405 Professional.

      Stainless steel soleplate:

      This is quite possibly the best iron with a stainless steel soleplate. It is equipped with a heavy-duty soleplate that glides effortlessly over the clothes. No need to exert too much pressure over the clothes now!

      Precision tip:

      The pointed tip of the soleplate provides an enhanced precision. Independent steam and temperature settings can be used to customize the heat level you need. Five pre-programmed heat levels are available.

      Digital Display:

      A digital display shows the status of your iron and guides you about the optimal steam level needed.

      Suitable for tough fabrics:

      Hard-to-iron and delicate clothes can be dealt with, by the vertical steaming feature of this iron. Powerful steam bursts flatten all creases from the outfits without touching them.

      Secure handle:

      A secure handle fits perfectly in your hand and enables painless ironing.

      Automatic shut down:

      A 3-way auto-turn-off function turns the iron off when it is kept idle for 8 minutes on its base or 30 seconds on its side or facedown. It saves electricity, prevents clothes from burning, and ensures no accidents at all.

      Mineral expelling:

      The auto-clean system cleans the soleplate and flushes out all the mineral deposits from the unit. It also prolongs the iron’s life.

      Wrinkle removal:

      B&D D3030 is an all-rounder; excellent both for freshening up delicate clothes and pressing out heavy creases in thick fabrics.


      You can also carry this iron during traveling. Moreover, it is best for sewing and quilting.

      Note: Get your hands on this steam iron now and start making ironing a breeze!

      • Dynamic Steam Surge Technology
      • Independent steam and temperature settings
      • 5 pre-programmed heat settings
      • Precision tip
      • Digital display
      • Vertical steaming function
      • Auto-Clean™ System
      • 3-way auto shut-of
      • Water drips sometimes
      • Gets very hot during use
      • The cord is not pivoted (unlike Maytag M400)

      5. Hamilton beach durathon steam iron 19901: 


      Features With Explanation:

      Powerful Soleplate:

      If you are out for an incredible and tough iron with a retractable wire, the duration steam iron 19901 accompanies a soleplate that is multiple times stronger than its nonstick partner.


      Hamilton Beach is sure about its scratch-safe durability and dominant float that it joins a ten-year restricted guarantee on the item.

      Advance control:

      Instead of using an inside regulator handle to choose temperature and fabric settings, the Durathon has advanced controls.

      The computerized control board is placed at the top, helpfully, and the steam switch to shift the steam production is at the front.

      Long cord:

      Additionally, the wire is around 8-feet long, and the water supply limit is roughly 10 ounces. You can use tap water; however, if the water in your general area is tough, it is advised in the client manual to extra it with filtered water.

      The wire does not totally remove from the packaging. To get it to remove totally, you should pull it out once more. Well, if you don’t like cords and want wireless iron, then read our complete guide on cordless steam irons (reviews).

      • Works amazingly well on cotton and wool.
      • Stable; does not tip over effectively.
      • Simple movement and activity.
      • Sufficiently huge water tank.
      • Sends a lot of steam.
      • Maybe the wire tangled.

      Benefits of Buying a Stainless Steam Iron:

      There is an abundance of advantages that come with purchasing steam irons with stainless steel soleplates. The very first advantage is that these stainless steel steam irons are durable. It is a long-lasting product because stainless steel prevents the iron from rusting and get damaged.

      Due to its normal size, you can iron your clothes on a normal iron board. You don’t need to buy a large ironing board; usually, people do when they buy a steam generator, so buy it with a steam generator ironing board.

      Moreover, the soleplate of these iron is easy to clean. We can even use water to clean its soleplate and remove dirt and stains with a piece of cloth.

      So you can enjoy the stainless iron and always appreciate your choice – it is totally worth the money that is spent on buying the stainless steam iron.

      Why is stainless steel iron better than iron?

      The high level of carbon in the design makes a traditional iron bulky, heavyweight, and difficult to work with. On the contrary, a stainless steel steam iron is designed with lower carbon content and more chromium content to protect the soleplate from corrosion, scratches, and damage. It keeps the iron plate from catching rust even after years of continuous use!

      Which Is the best stainless steel soleplate iron?

      Black + Decker D3030 allure is the best iron with stainless steel soleplate. It beats all others as it packs a lot of attractive features at a modest price. The B&D D3030 is an all-rounder and excellent for both domestic and professional use. On your travels, you can carry it as a travel iron too.

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