How to Clean Steam Iron? Easy Tips

Do you want to know about cleaning steam iron? Ok, then we let you know how to clean the steam iron?

Whenever we use something, there is a need to clean that thing. Steam iron is a handy home appliance. It makes our clothes pressing easy. It also consumes less time than an ordinary iron. So we have to clean steam iron, however not too regularly.

It becomes more important when you neglect the producer’s directions. Those directions are of using filtered water instead of tap water.

Thus, mineral or limescale can accumulate on the soleplate.

Moreover, it can gather soil, grime, stains. And bits of consumed texture that can, thus, stick on to the garments when you iron them and even abandon stains.

Besides, rust and residue particles stuck on the soleplate can cause wrinkles in the clothes. Gathered soil and buildup will likewise diminish the iron’s presentation over some time.

Now we are going to tell you that how can you clean your steam iron?

Clean your steam iron with different methods:

There are several methods to clean the steam iron. See below the list of methods.

  • Baking soda.
  • Dry sheet.
  • Toothpaste.
  • Wet cloth
  • Salt.
  • Vinegar.

Now we see that how we can use the above materials for cleaning the steam iron?

Baking soda:

You have to face the problem of difficult stains and rust at the iron’s plate. You can rub a mixture of two teaspoons of baking soda and a little water on the affected place.


For best results, apply the mixture on a soft cloth, rub it on the plate. And then clear it off with a moist material. Instead of water, you may blend baking soda with white vinegar also.

Dry sheet:

Rub a couple of dryer sheets over the base of your iron during turn on the setting. Rub it until you expel the collected soil and grime.


At long last, iron on a perfect cloth to expel any residue of buildup from the dryer sheets.


Other than cleaning your teeth, toothpaste can be used to clean family unit things. Plain white toothpaste is powerful as a mellow rough.


You can clean the steam iron plate, using toothpaste instead of iron cleaner fluids sold in stores or home cures. To do as such, spread a small quantity of toothpaste over the steam iron plate and then rub it with a wet towel.

Wet cloth:

Pick a large piece of cloth, dip it in plain water, and wring out the excess water. Wipe the iron’s soleplate with this cloth when it is warmed to dispose of the mess from the soleplate.


For safe stains, you may use a modest quantity of an expansive cleanser and a nylon work cushion.


To clean the dirt from the iron’s plate, place some salt on paper or cotton towel. Then iron over it with the most elevated setting with steam killed. The soil will adhere to the salt, in this manner, leaving your iron shining clean.


In case there is liquid plastic stuck on the soleplate, sprinkle some salt on a bit of aluminum foil and iron it. It will help extricate the plastic from the base.

If there is something waxy that you have to dispose of, then turn the iron to the most elevated setting. And run it over a paper. To evacuate sleek substances, drench a modest quantity of smelling salts on a clean cloth. And wipe the plate with it, trailed by a wipe down with a clammy fabric.


Pour white vinegar or equal amounts of vinegar and water in the water tank. Turn it on (medium-high warmth setting) and let it steam for around 5-10 minutes. So all the vinegar dissipates.

Next, fill the tank with pure water and turn on the iron again to help evacuate the staying mineral stores and left of vinegar. At long last, wipe the base of the iron and the steam vents with a paper towel or a perfect cloth. It will likewise enable you to dispose of rust gathered in the steam vents.


You should not pursue this technique if your steam iron uses a replaceable channel to descale water so. In such cases, ensure you supplant the channel as prescribed in the client manual.

You can also make a cleaning solution by mixing white vinegar and water. Dip a cloth in it, and wipe the soleplate with it. Furthermore, clean the steam holes with a cotton swab dipped in this solution.

You can likewise use available iron cleaners.

The above methods are modest, characteristic, effectively open and safe to use. After using the above methods to clean your steam iron, you will see a clear difference. (Before and after)

There must be some questions in your mind while you face problems with your steam iron. Do you want to have answers to them? We are here to help you with every possibility. And now we are going to answer your most probable questions.

Why is your steam iron spitting out brown stuff?

If you do not follow the instructions that are to use the filtered water, then the steam iron effected. The steam iron starts to spit some brown stuff.

Because the hard water contains minerals and that minerals deposit in the water tank of the steam iron.

While any white substance is emitting from the steam iron is the sign of calcium in the water.

Why does your steam iron get sticky?

Buildup after some time expands upon the soleplate of an iron. The soleplate is the metal base of an iron that warms up.

Accumulation can be an assortment of substances from adhesive or burnt fabrics. The buildup causes estate challenges for two reasons.

The first is that it produces grating, which makes not tricky to iron and makes garments move around on the board. Second, the warmed buildup can move recolors on your clothes, causing lasting stains.

The above two questions are the most probable questions that hit your mind.

To see the necessity of the topic, we also mention some tips to keep your steam iron safe.

Tips to keep your steam iron safe?

  • Use filtered water only due to the absence of harsh minerals which are not good for your steam iron.
  • After use, empty the water tank and let the iron dry.
  • Clean your iron steam after some days. Wash the water tank of a steam iron with hot water.
  • Clean the accumulation (starch or calcium) from the soleplate.
  • Keep your steam iron at a safe place.
  • Always use top quality steam iron. Check our steam irons reviews.

This is how you can take care of your steam iron and get rid of the problems you face.