How to Choose an Ironing Board Cover?

The majority of people who do the ironing will focus primarily on the ironing board, and more importantly the quality of it, overlooking the ironing board cover altogether.

Do I need a cover on my ironing board? Yes, and when you purchase an ironing board, it is so important to keep in mind the quality of your ironing cover and whether or not you need a new one. Also, ironing board covers tend to last around 3 years, so replacing yours is an inevitability. Failing to do so will damage your ironing board and your clothes.

An awesome benefit of owning a high-quality ironing board cover is that it will increase the longevity of the ironing board itself. So, before going any further you need to decide upon the size of your desired ironing board cover.

What Type Of Ironing Board Do I Have?

You simply cannot decide on an ironing board cover unless you know what type of ironing board you have. So, do you have a portable ironing board or a standard folded board? Both of these types are different sizes.

So, this means that the ironing board covers for each of these board types will be different too. Once you have identified the type of ironing board you have you can now begin to check out the ironing board covers.

What Size Ironing Board Cover Do I Need?

An important step to take when deciding upon your ironing board cover is finding out what size your ironing board is. Now, ironing boards in the UK are split into 5 different sizes, A, B, C, D, and E. A is the smallest size and E is the largest, ironing board cover sizes are a little bit different. There tend to be two main sizes of covers, the standard size, and extra-large size, however, this is different with certain brands, fortunately, the size of a cover is displayed in the title of the product or on the packaging.

When you are looking at covers, check out the dimensions of them and compare them with your ironing board. Fortunately, you do not need your cover to exactly match the dimensions of your board. In fact, it is better for the cover to be slightly larger than the board so you can fit it easier and even shorten it if you have to. Most covers have velcro straps and elastic edges to help secure and tighten them to boards, which is good if you have a small board and a larger cover.

Heat Reflective Features

Purchasing a good ironing board cover is to protect your ironing board from heat and stains, right? So, in order to do so, your cover will need to be made from materials that reflect heat effectively. Your cover should be made out of good, sturdy fabric, like cotton fabric.

Heat reflective features on an ironing cover will mean that your board is never directly exposed to the heat produced by your iron. This is why it is essential that you always check that the cover you are purchasing has heat reflective properties as it will increase your ironing board’s life tremendously.

Anti-Slip Features

Making sure that the surface you are ironing on stays in place is pivotal. However, only if your cover has an anti-slip design, will it 100% remain in place for the duration of your ironing session.

Velcro straps and an elastic edge will certainly help with this, but you need to have an anti-slip design in addition to this to make sure you do not take your ironing surface off the board as you are doing the ironing!

Having an ironing board cover with an anti-slip design will ensure that your cover will remain in place, despite how quickly or frantically you are ironing your clothes.

Accessories and Additional Features

Ironing board covers tend to come with a plethora of different accessories, which is fantastic for adapting to different kinds of ironing. It is always a good idea to check out what accessories come with the ironing board cover you are looking at.

If all the accessories you require are included then you have hit the jackpot, as you will no longer need to acquire specific accessories separately to your cover. Here are some classic accessories:

  • Iron resting pad
  • Hanger
  • Bag for the cover

Honestly, it is not the end of the world if the cover you desire does not come with all the specific accessories as the chances are, you may not use them anyway. However, it is always nice to have extra things, and if your cover comes with them, then it is certainly a bonus.

Design Of Your Ironing Board Cover

The final consideration before purchasing your ironing board cover is certainly the least important on a practical level, but it really depends on what you’re into!

Ironing board covers in the modern day are no longer just available in plain colours, they come in a multitude of awesome patterns, unique, and bright designs.

So, you can really choose a design and color that is unique to you and your preferences, at the end of the day, you will be looking at it whilst ironing so you may as well pick something that you like!

Final Words

When you are trying to figure out how to choose an ironing board cover suitable for you, make sure to follow these steps and recommendations as it will really help you out with making your decision.

Not only will you be protecting your clothes by choosing the best quality cover, but you will be increasing the life of your ironing board tremendously.