Steam Iron Vs Steam Generator Iron – Differences

Steaming is the greatest technology that renders your clothing and other items excellent finishing. The discovery of steam irons and steam generator iron have made the most hated task of ironing much more convenient and safer task.

These devices may share the similar purpose but there are vast differences in the operations and assembly of both these irons. Without studying these differences, one cannot comprehend their functions properly. To understand their working better, this article is an ultimate guidance to learn the difference between steam iron vs steam generator iron.

What are the Steam Irons?

The steam irons are the autonomous irons with an integrated water tank. These irons are convenient to work with because of the allied water tank which allows efficient ironing. With a combination of steam, heat, and pressure, steam irons get rid of all the wrinkles from your garments with great effectiveness.

What are the Steam Generator Irons?

A steam generator iron can clearly be recognized and distinguished from other irons because of their giant assembly. These irons are basically considered the best producers of steam. They have a big and separate water tank which allows faster operation with great effectiveness.

Major Differences between Steam Iron Vs Steam Generator Iron:

There are some major differences between both of these appliances which are discussed here.

1. Size and Weight

The first thing one comes cross while observing the steam iron and steam generator iron is their size and weight. The first clear observation is that the steam generator is almost 4 times heavier than the steam iron. Still, it is important to note the two key considerations when it comes to the size and weight of both these irons.

Lifting the Irons:

Though the steam irons may look smaller than the steam iron generators but the generator irons are basically the lighter ones. The steam irons are lifted with all its working parts and water tanks in one hand while ironing which makes them heavier to work with. But with a steam generator iron, one only has to lift the iron handle which makes the lighter option.

Irons Storage:

Storing the steam irons is not a problem because of their compact size, but when it comes to a steam generator iron, one has to have a separate storage area to lodge them with its huge water tank. This water reservoir actually becomes the extra bulk. To accommodate it, one may also spend on a spacious ironing board.

2. Design:

Looking at the design of both these irons, you would know that the steam irons comprises only a single section. This single unit has both the heating plate and water tank which is not the case with the steam generator irons. The steam generator irons consist of 2 portions, a base unit and an iron unit. When the iron is not in usage, the steam generator can be held on the base unit. The design of the steam generator iron helps in its faster performance.

3. Steam Production:

When it comes to the most important function of these irons, which is of the steam production, the steam irons produces the steam from its bottom side. Whereas in the steam generator irons the steam generates from the upper side of the iron as the water holding chamber is more prominent in its base unit. The separate water tank present ensures quick steam production while there is no separate tank in the steam iron

4. Iron Water Capacity:

Steam Generator irons are considered the ideal ones as because of their massive water tanks they are able to store more water which allows smooth ironing for a long time. On the other hand, one has to constantly refill the water chamber of the steam irons because of its less water capacity which hinders the faster operation

5. Steam Pressure:

The steam generator irons are considered the most powerful irons because the steam produced from it is with greater pressure and burst which helps in wiping out the wrinkles from any apparel much perfectly. Though the steam irons also may get rid of the creases and wrinkles of your garments but not as efficiently as the generator irons because of the less pressure generation. The steam generator irons penetrate the fabric much deeply because of its high pressure.

6. Time-Saver:

The problem with the conventional irons, like with the steam irons is that one has to stop the ironing again and again to fill up the water tank. But the steam generator irons have solved this issue. They are considered the time savers as they can run for as long as 90 minutes with a single water-fill. Moreover, the pressurized steam of the generator irons penetrates many layers of fabric at a time which helps in ironing of both the sides at a time which also manifests their time-efficiency.

7. Noise Levels:

When it comes to the noise levels, the steam iron is considered the more silent one out of the two devices. The steam generator iron employs a pump to produce steam pressure and this can sound pretty loud, and irritating to cause a headache, especially if someone is ironing in the next room. However, some of the steam generators are now also manufactured with a silent technology.

8. Heating Time:

It is important to heat up the iron after switching it on for better performance. But it is quite annoying when you have to wait for long. Where the heating time of the steam iron is only about 40 seconds, the steam generator iron may take 2 to 3 minutes which makes steam iron the winner here. The reason is that the steam generator is a larger appliance and the boiler has to heat up for it to work effectively.

9. Vertical Steaming:

Some clothing because of their complex design and attachments are hard to iron on. The steam generator iron allows ironing with ease while hanging such garments and drapes and with again the greater pressure making it a powerful performer. Where a steam iron can also be utilized as a vertical steamer without leaking, but it is not its key function.

10. Cost Comparison:

Affordability is always a critical factor for people to make decision. When it comes to these irons people choose the standard steam iron as the Steam Generator iron is almost 3 times more expensive than the steam iron. It makes it only better for the iron professionals who are running a business of ironing or laundry or have abound members in their house with large ironing needs, only then it’s worth every penny.

Who Can Take the Maximum Benefit of the Steam Iron?

Those individuals who occasionally iron a small bundle of clothing every week and usually complete the task in less than 30 minutes, then a quality steam iron is the perfect fit for them. This suggests that the steam iron is optimal for personal use. Also, if space is a factor, its compact makes it easy to store in a cabinet.

Who Can Take the Maximum Benefit of the Steam Generator Iron?

Those individuals who regularly have to manage a huge bundle of laundry, then the steam generator iron can be the best gift of your life. This may sound a bit dramatic, but it really is that much more a blessing because of its effectiveness and makes ironing large loads with perfection. For those professionals, who have a laundry room with a precise ironing station, this device is the perfect addition to that place or business that mostly has to deal with a lot of ironing traffic.

Advantage of Steam Iron and Steam Generator Iron:

The steam iron is preferred for its portability. One can easily carry these portable irons anywhere by wrapping the cord around the iron and packing them in a suitcase.

Comparing it with the high-tech steam generator iron, one will for sure note more advantages here. The steam generator irons are popular for their high steam pressure and smooth operation. The generator irons have the ability to deal with even the bulk items like curtains, bed sheets, and other complex objects.

Steam Iron or Steam Generator Iron- What’s the Best Choice?

The requirements of the individual can make any of these irons the best choice. If a person wants a lighter iron, the steam generator iron can be the ideal one for him but also keep in mind that if the attachment to the tank is short, then even the generator iron would be heavy. Still the steam generator is ideal for the professionals who have to deal with loads of clothes. For daily and routine ironing tasks, a high-end steam iron would be the most optimal pick.