How to Iron linen [shirts, pants, curtains]

Linen is one of the most favorite fabrics of most individuals but is also very much prone to wrinkles and creases. This fabric requires proper ironing with extra care to attain smooth, crisp, and wrinkle-free results. Ironing this delicate fabric is not difficult but it is important to learn how to iron linen by following the right tips, techniques, and steps. This article is the ultimate guidance to grasp the knowledge of ironing various linen items.

What are the Mandatory Essentials for Ironing Linen Stuff?

There are certain important essentials without which you may deal with many hindrances while ironing the linen. These mandatory essentials include a spray bottle because it is critical to dampen the linen completely before ironing; a quality steam iron because fabrics like linen require a lot of steam; a stable and sturdier ironing board because it supports the linen quite efficiently; and last, a pressing cloth.

Can I Iron Linen Pants?

Definitely! It is possible to care for your linen pants with proper ironing just like other pants. A well-ironed linen pants would make you look much smarter and comfortable. To iron a linen pants, it is important to start with the waistband and cover the heavier and embroidered parts first. To learn further about ironing linen pants, you must follow the right steps to iron it.

Steps to Iron a Linen Pant:

Though it can be hard to prevent your linen pants from rumpling or wrinkling, following the correct steps of ironing would for sure help you flaunt your wrinkle-free linen pant for a lasting time.

1. Start with dampening the linen pant completely while giving extra focus to parts like pockets and button plackets.

2. Next, lay down the linen pants in a sturdier and well-padded ironing board. If the ironing board is not padded then lay a terry cloth towel on it.

3. Now plug-in the iron. Set the temperature to the highest as linen like cotton can withstand the high-heat. Some quality steam irons already have temperature settings for various fabrics, including linen.

4. Move your iron smoothly throughout the pants and make sure to begin with the harder parts first, that are pockets, buttons, or any embroidery.

5. If required, spritz the water again and run the iron constantly and smoothly without giving extra attention to a single part. This would help to prevent scorching.

6. Hang the linen pants instantly in an uncrowded rack and you can wear it after 10 minutes. In these minutes the fibers will become cool and settled.

Can I Iron Linen Shirt?

Yes! You can easily iron linen shirts as it is one of those fabrics which can bear high heat. Everyone loves wearing linen shirts but it is hard to maintain its softness and suppleness for a long time which is why people sometimes have to avoid wearing this fabric. But if you follow the correct way of ironing the linen shirt, you would enjoy wearing it with smooth and amazing results for a long span of time.

Steps to Iron a Linen Shirt:

Following the below-mentioned steps would allow you to keep your linen shirts free of any wrinkles and creases so that you can always be confident in wearing your favorite fabric.

1. Just like you did in linen pants, start with spritzing the water all over your linen shirt completely.

2. Lay it straight in a stable and well-padded ironing board.

3. Now make sure you have turned the shirt inside out or if not place a pressing cloth over the linen. This step is important to prevent shining.

4. Next, plug in the iron and set the temperature at the highest. It would be great if your iron already has this linen temperature setting option.

5. Start moving the iron first to the hard parts, like buttons, collars, and cuffs.

6. Keep moving the iron gently and smoothly throughout the shirt now from both the front and backsides.

7. Hang it as soon as possible in any rack where it would get much air. You would be all set to wear it in few minutes.

Can I Iron Linen Curtains?

Of course! Just like ironing any other linen item, it is also not much difficult to iron even the linen curtains. And just like any other linen item or any other fabric, it must be ironed by taking care of certain precautions and following the right tips and techniques. Though it is much better if you got a quality steamer that can generate greater steam pressure.

Steps to Iron Linen Curtains:

Here is described for you the easiest way to iron linen curtains. Following these steps would for sure make your linen curtains much appealing in your drawing rooms, bedrooms, or guest rooms.

1. Moist the linen curtains first as much as you can.

2. You can easily iron the linen curtains in segments in a sturdier ironing board. Still, if you are not comfortable ironing the curtains on the board, do it on a kitchen table.

3. Spread the pressing cloth over the kitchen table or ironing board.

4. All set? Now lay the iron curtains in the stable surface you have chosen.

5. Plug in the iron and set the linen temperature or the highest heat setting in case your iron does not have the linen setting.

6. Yes now you are ready to move your iron. Just like the other linen items, you have to start with the hard parts first.

7. The hard parts of the curtains are its corners. Run the iron smoothly in the edges first.

8. Now from the sides, slightly start moving the iron in the center.

9. Run the iron throughout the curtains in long and smooth strokes.

10. You can hang the curtains instantly wherever you have decided.


It is true that linen is a delicate fabric and prone to get crinkles and creases very quickly. But it is a lesser known fact that ironing by following the correct steps and accurate tips and techniques can keep the fabric smooth and straight for a longer time which would eventually make you much more comfortable in what you are wearing