How to Dry Clothes with an Iron

Often in damp weather or certain other situations, it is hard to dry out your washed clothes. This can be quite irritating when you have to rush somewhere and the dress you really wanted to wear is still wet. But, in such situations, an iron could be your real savior.

You could learn about the best tips and techniques as well as some simple steps of how to dry clothes with an iron in this article and take advantage of these hacks all your life.

Why Should I Dry Clothes With an Iron?

Drying clothes with an iron is quite an efficient task and the following reasons prove it.

1. It is a cost-effective method as after learning it you would not need any drier.

2. It is a time-efficient job as well because drying the clothes in a clothesline or racks may take hours or even days but ironing damp clothes is a matter of minutes.

3. It is much more suitable for small apartments as they have the least space for a clothesline so drying clothes with an iron could save space.

4. Drying clothes with an iron is safer for any of the fabrics as compared to the drier as it doesn’t torment your clothes.

5. When you dry your already damp clothes, there would be no such need of sprinkling water on it again and again to generate steam.

Is It Bad To Use An Iron To Dry Clothes In A Pinch?

Absolutely not! It is a popular myth that drying clothes with an iron may ruin your clothes but it is a faux analysis. Drying clothes with an iron is an effective task. We already dampened the fabrics for better ironing so it can be time-saving for you to iron the already wet clothes. This task would save all your hard efforts. If you believe there is excess water, you could squeeze it all and subsequently continue with the ironing.

Explore the Best Way How to Dry Clothes with an Iron

Drying clothes with an iron is a much more efficient task because it eradicates all wrinkles from your clothes faster compared to the other alternatives. The following steps can be your ultimate guide to learning the perfect way how to dry clothes with an iron.

Step 1 Make Sure the Garment is Damp Not Wet

For initial preparations for drying your clothes, you must make sure to squeeze out all the access water from your clothes. You can do it with a thick fluffy towel. Twist and squeeze your apparel with such a towel so that ironing could be much easier, and smoother, and you could save the fabric from any unwanted stains or your iron from any damage.

Step 2 Set the Apparel on the Ironing Board

Now as your clothes are all set to dry, lay them straight on the ironing board. Take a thing towel and spread it over your dress to avoid direct contact with the iron.

Step 3 Work on the Iron Settings

In the next step, you need to plug in the iron. Subsequently, set the temperature. You can set it at high heat but if you have a pile of laundry, start with the lowest temperature and work on the delicate and sensitive fabrics first and slowly make the temperature higher to the iron of materials like jeans.

Step 4 Iron with an Extra Pressure

As the clothes are all damp, it is better to iron them with extra pressure. Move the iron to each corner of the thin towel you have placed over your clothes. As soon as you are done, see the crispiest finishing and wrinkle-free results.


Drying clothes with an iron is a better and more efficient option in all ways. You can always wash the worst stains from your dress before going out and dry it with this quickest hack ever. The above-mentioned simple steps of drying clothes with an iron could always be your savior.