Here’s how to iron trousers (step-by-step guide)

Have you ever wondered why you are always confident in ironing any of your apparel, but when it comes to ironing trousers, you hesitate or avoid it?

Most people have a fear of ruining their trousers or dress pants because we simply have never learned how to iron a trouser which is a tricky task. However, we are here to help you learn the art of ironing trousers correctly!

What Are the Basic Issues in Ironing Trousers?

It is very easy to line up shirts, dresses, curtains, or any other thing while ironing. But this is not the case with trousers.

It is very important to line up the trousers correctly and as it is rightly set only then one can run the iron on it.

This can be a tricky task but not an impossible thing to do. The problem arises due to the following reasons

1. Lack of Knowledge

People lack information about some of the basic domestic problems. Mostly we do not read the care tags on the trousers.

The search engine will give you myriad tips on ironing a suit or dress, but there is very little information when it comes to trousers.

 2. The Shining Problem

Most people are actually scared of shining. Shining is a common problem for trousers as they can get molded and compressed more easily.

Everyone is scared of ironing their trousers themselves as it may add a shine to them, and the trousers will eventually be ruined. Shining is basically when the iron is extremely hot, and you run the iron repeatedly across the fabric.

Here’s How You Can Iron Trousers Properly

No matter what material your trousers are made of, creases and wrinkles will always be an issue if you do not know how to iron them correctly.

It is always going to be harder to get rid of these wrinkles on your trousers. So, it does not matter what the material is, ironing these trousers is the key you must learn.

The following steps will help you comprehend the art of ironing trousers properly.

Step 1 – The Beginning

To start with the ironing of trousers, you must be equipped and all set with the following essentials.

  1. Clean Trousers

Make sure the trousers you are about to press are free from any stains or dirt. Because if you iron on these stains, it may ruin your trousers.

2. Clean Iron

Similarly, you have to take care of the iron as well. The iron you are going to use should be clean and free from rust.

3. Ironing Board

For proper ironing of trousers, it is important to have the best ironing board because it is much more convenient to iron on a board than on a messy and uneven table.

4. Purified Water

It is better to pour purified water if your iron has that appropriate slot. The steam generated with the distilled water will make it much more convenient for you to press wrinkles out of the trouser.

Step 2 – Plugging in and Temperature Settings

As you are all set with your equipment, then the next step for you is to plug in the iron and set up the temperature.

Check the fabric care label on your trouser and set the heat accordingly. Fill up the water reservoir with purified water.

But generally, the rule is that synthetic fabrics must be ironed at the lowest temperature, for wools low to medium heat is suggested. Some fabrics, like linen and cotton, can even withstand high heat.

Step 3 – Pick the Pockets and Waistband First

Remember, the pockets and waistband of your trousers must always be ironed first. To start with the ironing of your trouser, follow these steps.

  1. If you think that pockets can be ironed from the outside, then you are wrong. The key to starting off with the trouser is to turn the pockets inside out and gently run the iron on them.
  2. Next, you have to turn them to the other side. Make sure you are not wrinkling your trousers as you turn them to the other side.
  3. The third step in this part of your trouser is to keep the iron pressed in the pocket without moving it. 
  4. Stretch the trouser so that there are no folds left to cause any wrinkles.

Step 4 – Shift the Iron from Pocket to the Bottom

  • As you move the iron from the pocket to the bottom of the trouser, work on one leg at a time. You may flip the other leg over the end of the ironing board.
  • The tip for lining up the trouser is that the seams of the trousers must be lined up appropriately from the middle.
  • Now level the trouser with your hands before running the iron to ensure there are no large pleats.
  • Next, you have to move at the cuff’s edge on one side and repeat it 2 to 3 times.

Step 5- Move to the Top 

  • As the seams are lined up in the middle, gently press a crease on both sides of the legs. This way, a crease of about six inches is formed below the waistband.
  • Stop at the bottommost of the pockets of your trouser.
  • If your trousers are pleated, you can make a crease all the way to the pleats.

Step 6- Work on the Middle Creases

Now you have to travel down the iron on the trouser leg and gently press the middle crease all the way through.

You have to take your iron straight down before moving it straight up again. Never slide the iron along with the fabric.

Step 7- Press the Center Leg

As you reach the center leg, all the creases of your trouser are in place.

Now simply, you have to work with the same technique, which is setting down and picking up the iron to get rid of any wrinkles along with the fabric.

It is no more necessary to iron both sides of the same leg. Pressing one side is sufficient.

Step 8- Finishing for Perfection

Suppose you feel that the overall look of your trousers requires extra ironing for perfection.

So you can slip the trousers over the end of the ironing board and give them a quick press1 to 2 times. This is how your trouser may look newer and better.

How You Can Iron Trousers with Pleats

Ironing the pleats on your trousers is essential, ignoring it may ruin the whole finishing of your trousers.

Though it might be a little tricky thing to do, by following the right techniques, you can make your trousers look perfect.

  • The first step involves the arrangement of these pleats by having folds on the trousers·
  • Now run your iron all over the folded pleats starting with the top and traveling your way downward.
  • For an inconsistent material, it may be required to pin the pleats on the board for smooth ironing.
  • If you wish to get a well-done finish, separate the pleats and run the iron over the parts concealed by these pleats.
  • Hang your trousers as soon as you are done so you may not mess up with your own effort.

How Do You Iron Trousers without Making them Shiny?

If you want to prevent the shine of fabrics, follow these rules.

  • Read the care label on your trouser.
  • Keep the temperature low.
  • Invest in the best quality steam iron.
  • Be extra careful when ironing dark trousers.
  • Iron the delicate materials first.
  • Keep the temperature low.

Is it Possible to Iron Trousers without an Iron?

Yes, it is possible to iron the trousers without the iron by following these ways.

  • Spray the wrinkles away from the trouser
  • Iron with a flat iron is used for the straightening of hair.
  • Use a hairdryer and give your trouser a blowout.
  • Hang your trousers in a steamy shower.
  • Use a dryer or a steamer.

Important Tips to Remember When Ironing Trousers

If you iron trousers the right way, you will be rendering them a crisp finish, which will make you look good and feel good.

If you wish to achieve a crisper finish when ironing your trousers, follow these steps:

  • Never run your iron on stained trousers.
  • It is best to iron your trousers while they are damp.
  • Iron your trouser in batches and save your precious time by completing them in one sit.
  • For delicate materials, such as wool trousers, keep the temperature low.
  • Place the aluminum foil beneath the cover of your ironing board.
  • Take out the distilled water from the reservoir when you are not using the iron and always fill up the water when you are all set to iron your trouser.


As you have learned, these are the key considerations you must keep in mind when pressing trousers instead of other garments.

Though, once you comprehend how easy it is to avoid shining your complex trousers and that you can make a difference by producing a professional-looking crease, you will get the confidence to iron your trousers every time.