How to iron wool ?

Wool is one of the most favorite fabrics of most individuals out there because of the comfort it provides in all weathers but can be prone to wrinkles when you have stored it for long or sat in a certain position. Stretching and shining is a common problem of this fabric.

Ironing wool can be a bit harder task as the fabric cannot withstand the extremely high temperatures and require extra care while ironing. It is important to learn and comprehend how to iron wool as it can make anyone a pro in this task.

Can I Iron Wool?

Definitely! Ironing wool can be a bit complicated but taking care of the precautions and following the right tips and techniques would render you well-ironed items that would help you make your best impression. All it requires is a little care and the use of the right tools.

Things You Would Need to Iron a Wool

Ironing a wool fabric requires only a few things which are enlisted here:

Distilled water,

Steam iron or steam generator *keep a spray bottle or mister if you do not have a steam iron*

Padded ironing board.

Pressing cloth,

And a hanger.

Step By Step Guide to Precisely Iron the Wool Fabric

From setting the wool garment in a sturdier ironing board to rendering it a crisp finishing, this is an ultimate step by step guidance to iron a wool fabric with accuracy and precision. The following steps are the easiest way to iron any woolen garment precisely.

Step#1 Set the Wool Item on the Ironing Board

To start with the ironing of wool you need to have a sturdier and stable ironing surface. You are all good to start if you got a well-padded ironing board. First, set the woolen item to be pressed on the board. Make sure to turn the garment inside out and place a pressing cloth in it to avoid direct contact.

For all types of ironing board you can check our guide about best ironing board

Step#2 Set the Iron Temperature

As you are all set to turn on and run the iron on your woolen apparel, be sure that you have already read and comprehend the manufacturer’s instructions on the cloth. The latest irons already have this special feature for a wool setting, but if it has not then make sure to start with the lowest temperature and exceed it if required.

Step#3 Make the Wool Moist

It is optimal if you are using the steam iron or have steam or spray setting in your iron. But, if not, then never make this mistake of ironing with the dry heat. The third step of ironing the woolen item demands to moist the item or else it would scorch badly. Spray your woolen garment overall.

Step#4 Run the Iron in Single Straight Lines

Smooth out all the wrinkles with your hands first and then start running your iron throughout the garment. The correct way to iron a wool garment is to move the iron in single straight lines. Start with one point then pull it to the next. Subsequently, shift the lines. You can even press only one side of the garment for good results, just do not wiggle around the iron.

Step#5 Hang the Apparel after the Press

If you wish for long-lasting results then make sure to hang the woolen apparel as soon as you have completed its ironing. This would help you in getting rid of all the wrinkles for a long time.

Do’s and Don’ts of Ironing Wool

Following some hacks and avoiding some ways would help you in taking better care of your wool fabric. Here are some dos and don’ts of ironing wool which could make your task much convenient.

1. Use of a Pressing Cloth

Always place a pressing cloth over the woolen item to avoid direct contact as wool is a fragile material. If you don’t have a pressing cloth, then use a towel, a muslin, or a handkerchief. But, avoid using any colored cloth as the dye of the cloth could be transferred to your garment after getting moist and eventually may ruin it.

2. Apply the Right Pressure

It is advisable to iron the wool with a low pressure and there is a reason behind it. Always iron the wool by keeping a light hand on it as ironing with a heavy pressure may ruin the fabric by making it shiny.

3. Avoid Spray-on Softeners

While the application of spray-on softeners may prove to be beneficial for some fabrics, it is never suggested for the woolen ones. Avoid using any spray-on starch or softeners on the wool fabric as it may create deposits on your garment.

4. 10 Seconds Rule

While ironing on a woolen material, you need to be more careful. Never place or leave the iron on the garment even for a microsecond as it may cause burns or scorching. Even when you are ironing, keep it in mind to not run the iron in a single place for more than 10 seconds.

5. Avoid Immediate Folding

As soon as you have completed the wool ironing, hang it on a sturdier iron instantly. Any folds after ironing may lead to creases on your garment. Immediate hanging would prevent any such creasing.

6. Right Temperature Setting

Though, the good irons already have this feature of wool setting but as most of the irons may not have this setting then keep in mind to set your iron at the right temperature which suits the wool. The ideal temperature for a wool fabric is 300 degrees F or 148 degrees C. Also, you can start with the lowest temperature.


Ironing a wool fabric may require extra care and precautions but guarantee excellent results if all these tips and techniques are followed with accuracy. The steps to iron a wool garment are quite easier to comprehend. Furthermore, there are some do’s and don’t which everyone must consider before trying their hands on wool. Following the right steps and correct techniques as mentioned in this article would offer you well-ironed woolen items with crisp finishing