5 of The Best Ways To Store Your Ironing Board

Have you moved house? Planning on completely re-organising your current home? Or perhaps just want to maximise the space you have by creating a minimalistic place to keep your ironing board.

If so, then you have come to the right place. This guide will give you some awesome advice on maximising your home space with some of the best ironing board storage ideas. When looking at the best way to store an ironing board, there really is no “best way” and more the best way for you your home, and your ironing board.

This article may contain a product link or two, however, this is only to provide you with options and ideas when it comes to storing your ironing board, and the small commission we may receive really helps us in providing this free and impartial advice.

Different Ironing Board Storage & Hanging Options

Iron Holder (Iron Hanger)

One of the best ways to conveniently and efficiently store your ironing board is by hanging it on an over the door iron holder. All you need to do is place the metal bracket on the back of a door so that it can then hook onto your ironing board from the other side and hang freely.

You can purchase an iron holder online, and doing so will ensure that your ironing hanger is the perfect fit for your ironing board. Not only are they great for hanging your ironing board so it is out of the way, but the majority you can buy online have a special holder for your iron and your iron cord to wrap around too.

Use a clothes hook

Similar to the iron holder, using a clothes hook will do a similar job, just without the extras. If you already have one large enough to accommodate an ironing board at home, then use that as the board holder, and if not, then you can find plenty online that will do a brilliant job for you at an affordable price.

A good idea if you want to hang up your iron and your ironing cord is to purchase an additional clothing hanger and to place it above the hanger for your door ironing board. Doing this will allow the space needed to balance and for the cord to be wrapped properly.

Your wardrobe

Keeping your ironing board in your wardrobe is a good idea, however, you need a wardrobe that is big enough to accommodate your ironing board. Or alternatively, you need an ironing board small enough to fit in your wardrobe.

Now, you can find small and easy-to-store portable ironing boards which will likely fit in your wardrobe, perfect for it not to be getting in the way and staying out of sight. Also, if you use an ironing blanket (ironing mat), then you can easily store it in a wardrobe, making it a decent ironing board storage area.

Underneath cabinets or inside a large cabinet

Some households have laundry rooms or an area to specifically do laundry, which is where the washing machine and tumble dryer usually reside. Not only do your laundry appliances for clothing and linens live here but so do cabinets.

If you have your own or are planning on purchasing big enough laundry cabinets, you could easily put your ironing mat or small board in there for storage. You can also place your board underneath the cabinets if you have the room and a larger ironing board.

Another brilliant trick when you are finding somewhere in your laundry room to store an ironing board is to place it between your washing machine and the wall or dryer, depending on if you have the required spacing between each of these to do so.

Underneath your bed

If you are at the end of this article and still fairly short on options, then a good final one would be underneath your bed. Yes, it sounds kind of strange, but it makes sense if you want to maximize your space and you only do ironing once a week/once every 2 weeks.

Sliding your ironing board under your bed after an ironing session is a good idea, as it won’t matter what size board you decide on using and it will be completely hidden and out of the way, unless, of course, you already have many things stored under your bed!


To conclude this, there really is no right or wrong way of how to store your ironing board, it is totally up to you and what your home has to offer you. Additionally, you will need to consider and choose your option depending on the size of your ironing board too.

If you have a mat or a small, portable ironing board then you can probably store it within all of the recommended storage spaces, provided you have them. So, good luck, and hopefully you can enjoy the extra space you have freed up by doing this!