Ironing Mats: Have They Revolutionised ironing?

Ironing mats are becoming increasingly popular with the ironing community, and for good reason too. Many people don’t particularly enjoy ironing, in fact, the majority will try and find ways of speeding up the process – ironing mats are pretty good for this and also allow you to work on multiple different surfaces around your home too.

An ironing mat is an ironing surface created with a lot of flexibility, which allows it to be placed on many stable surfaces, such as a dining room table, kitchen worktop, or even your bed. They are a fantastic option for those living a pretty minimalistic lifestyle and for those who do not have the space to keep a bulky ironing board.

The material of an ironing mat is heat resistant, which protects the surface that you are ironing on from burning and becoming damaged, it also doesn’t absorb any steam or moisture, making sure the surface you are ironing on does not get damp. Another awesome feature that can be found in some of the newer ironing mats is that they are magnetic, allowing the mat to better stay in place with whatever surface you decide to iron on, making for a more efficient ironing experience.

Ironing mats vs ironing boards

So, using an ironing board has been a tradition for as long as ironing has been invented, and depending on what type of iron you use, can often depend on what ironing board you use and need. For example, steam generator irons are heavier than regular irons and generally have a base unit with them. This means that a stable and secure ironing board that has designed to accommodate steam generator irons could be a good idea to purchase.

Ironing boards will typically range between 9 lbs to 20 lbs pounds in weight (approx 4 kgs to 9 kgs), and so careful consideration is required before you make any purchase. Alternatively, the great thing about ironing mats is that they are not only lightweight and easily stored, but when you do use them you can place them on any type of flat and stable surface you choose, meaning that you can find tables and other surfaces that have the space and will take the weight of whatever iron you plan on using. In theory, you could use a steam generator iron in conjunction with an ironing mat, but for the best and most efficient results, a steam generator ironing board is advised.

Ironing mats are usually made from very thick mat-like material so they don’t get easily damaged from the high levels of heat your iron puts out, and the surface you are ironing on stays protected. Many ironing mats are designed to be placed on top of your washer or dryer as this can make the ideal place to get your ironing done without setting up in other rooms that may not be as convenient.

Here are some other sensible and stable places to use your ironing mat on:

  • Dining room table
  • Washing machine
  • On your bed
  • Kitchen worktop
  • On a clean floor
  • A workbench
  • A kitchen island
  • An office desk (if you keep it tidy enough!)
  • An outside patio table

There may be other stable surfaces in your household that you can use, however, these are the more obvious ones that are perfect for performing ironing tasks in conjunction with your ironing mat.

Magnetic and Insulated Ironing Mats

The magnetic ironing mat has been designed to be placed on your tumble dryer or washing machine, which gives you a convenient space to perform ironing tasks with efficiency. The mats are designed with small magnets around the outside edges that will cling to the metallic surface of your machine. They will typically have an iron rest built in too, which is great while your iron isn’t in use.

The insulated mats tend to be thicker than the magnetic ironing mats, and are good for ironing when you are ironing an array of different types of clothes with different materials and fabrics too. Insulated mats and wool ironing mats are incredibly well protected due to their thickness and durability.


In conclusion, ironing mats and ironing boards will do similar jobs – help you perform your ironing tasks to the very best of your ability. It really does depend on your own preferences as to whether or not you should use a board or a mat. Typically, if space is at a premium in your household, then you should really consider purchasing an ironing mat. If you have no issues in storing an ironing board and prefer to have a board that you can pull your clothes over when ironing, rather than just a plain flat surface of an ironing mat, you will definitely want to stick with a conventional ironing board.

Ironing mats are also a great option for you if you don’t want to move a big heavy board around your household every time you want to iron as you can simply lay the mat out on almost any sturdy surface to begin your tasks. Likewise, if you do not have the physical ability to lift and put up an ironing board, a much simpler solution is an ironing mat.

Ironing boards are brilliant when they are adjustable. You might only have surfaces in your household that are too low down or high up to iron on, and if this is the case then an adjustable board is great for you to iron comfortably.

Ironing mats are fairly new to the ironing industry and are not often thought about or associated with ironing because ironing boards are so mainstream. They are easily more suitable for people who iron than some boards are, so considering your options here isn’t a bad idea at all. Alternatively, they won’t be for everybody either, but it is nice to know you have more options than one!