Morphy Richards Comfigrip Steam Iron 303118 Review

Here you have the Comfigrip steam iron from Morphy Richards and turbo-supported features for an incredible completion. Handle bigger piles of clothing with our biggest water tank, and with the 400 ml water tank, there is more drawn out between refills, so you do not need to break your stream.

Morphy Richards Comfigrip Steam Iron 303118 black and red

The Comfigrip has a smooth, non-stick pearl ceramic soleplate for an easy glide. It is controlled by 2800 W for fast warmth up, so no sticking around. The soleplate highlights Tri-Zone innovation to remove wrinkles and help you steam through your pressing loads.

Key Features of the Comfigrip

Now to dive into the key features of the Morphy Richards Comfigrip:

  • The Comfigrip highlights a very smooth and non-stick Pearl Ceramic soleplate that glides over pieces of clothing effortlessly. Pearl ceramic offers the perfect glide, helping you to steam through your ironing bundle in no time.
  • It comes furnished with a huge, simple fill 400 ml water tank. So you can complete a large number of clothes before the time come to refill.
  • The soleplate has Tri-Zone innovation handling wrinkles in 3 unique areas. The 190 g steam shot and accuracy tip handles intense wrinkles in difficult to reach at spots alongside the 55 g of continuous steam loosening up strands, and the pressing plate with a moving edge removes extra water to avoid re-wrinkling.
  • There is a high wattage for quick and successful warmth and steam and vertical steam element too. Steam articles of clothing vertically or use to refresh fabric, window curtains, and bedding.
  • This steam iron additionally has anti-scale and a self-clean framework to keep your iron working like new for many years. The counter dribble structure suggests that the Comfigrip won’t leave watermarks on your clothes so that you can have confidence in this iron.


  • A large water tank of 400 ml capacity.
  • The power rate is 2800 W to heat up in no time.
  • It has settings to control the temperature.
  • Soleplate of pearl ceramic.
  • Self-cleaning and anti-scale structure.
  • Tri-zone soleplate technology – 55 g continuous steam and 190 g of the steam shot
  • There is a vertical steam element for ironing hanging clothes and curtains without taking them off.


  • There is no auto shut-off function


Now that we have run through everything we need to regarding the Morphy Richards Comfygrip, it makes sense to check out and answer some of the most popular questions regarding this brilliant iron.

Does this item have a guarantee?

Yes, it has a guarantee of 3 years. So you can easily avail and use this item, and in any case of a problem, you can consult us.

Will we have any problem regarding the staining clothes by this product? 

No, you will not have to face any problems like staining clothes because it has an anti-scale and self-cleaning structure. So you can clean your steam iron occasionally and maintain its performance for long-lasting.

Can you use this steam iron with the steam off? 

Yes, you can use it with the steam off and get an excellent result.

Can you descale your iron? 

Yes, you can descale your iron as it has an anti-scaling structure. You can also clean your iron with other methods, but it also has a self-cleaning function.