How to Iron on Bed Sheet? Step by Step

Ironing bed sheet is a task that most people avoid as they are not aware of its significance. Laying freshly-done ironed bed sheets on your beds can make you feel very pleased about your surroundings, which eventually impacts your mood in a more positive manner. People consider it a burden to iron their long-crumpled bed sheets, but if we learn how to iron bed sheets, then nothing can ever stop us.

Significance of Ironing Bed Sheet

Nothing can be as comfortable or soothing for you as relaxing in an ironed bedsheet. Spread ironed bed sheets on your beds to give a more appealing look to your room. Moreover, it also creates a positive impression on your family members and guests. Besides, the significance of ironing bed sheets is proved from the following points.

  • Surely your bed sheets can be free from most bacteria and dust mites after a wash, but ironing them would kill the remaining bacteria and other nasties.
  • Ironing on the bed sheets transfers a fresh and pleasant odor to the sheets and, eventually, the entire room.
  • Also, ironing bed sheets makes your sheet fabrics softer and smoother against your skin.
  • Ironing bed sheets would render your bed a luxurious look, just like in a hotel room.
  • Ironing will make your sheets look newer and better.

Learn Step by Step Guide to Iron Bed Sheets

Ironing bed sheets is not a hard task, just a little tricky. People avoid ironing these sheets as they easily get scared of their size but following the right steps and techniques can make you a pro in it. This ultimate guide of ironing bed sheets would help you in learning the art of ironing the sheets with the most stubborn wrinkles.


Whenever you decide to iron your bed sheets, make sure to pick the one which is freshly washed. Start working on it when they are still damp. Now, you can spread it in a bed or any other huge area under a fan and let it dry completely. It would help in making your ironing experience with the sheets easier.


If you wish to attain the best ironing results on your bedsheets, then do not forget to spray the sheet with starch. This starch is beneficial in many ways. It would render your bedsheets a crisp and wrinkle-free state with a subtly pleasant odor.


Now is the time to set your best iron with best ironing board. You must keep an iron hold at the stand, and the ironing board must be at an adjusted height. Plug-in your iron and allow it to heat at full temperature. The bed sheets must be ironed at a high temperature as it ensures that each layer gets a smooth press.


The next step involves the folding of the bedsheets because of their large sizes. Remember, you have to iron the bedsheets in sections. You can fold any two corners of your bedsheets in halves or three folds in a square shape. Subsequently, start running the iron on your bed sheets from the top.


Keep in mind that wherever you detect any stubborn wrinkles and creases on the bed sheets while ironing, you have to spray the water on it and stretch it with your hand to smooth in. And now you can move the iron on that part.


As you reach the center of the sheet, fold it again lengthwise so that the opposite corners become aligned. You have to change the folds and sides to prevent the creases from being visible. Run your iron on the center wrinkles repeatedly until and unless it becomes free of it. 


As you continue to move the iron from the top to the center and finally to the bottom most part, remember to align the bottom corners when you reach there. If required, give one more fold to the sheet and start moving the iron here horizontally.


Now is the time to give a final touch to your bed sheet. The final touch is running your best iron all over again to get a crisp finishing. You may fold the sheet again in square shape or lay it immediately in your bed to satisfy yourself. 

Ironing the Pillowcases of Bedsheets

After spreading the bed sheets, do not forget to iron their matching pillowcases to give your beds an overall luxurious look. Ironing the pillowcases of the bedsheets will offer your bed a look of a hotel room. You can iron the pillowcases of your bedsheets by following these simple steps.

  • Make sure that the layers of pillow sheets you have spread are flat. If you find it difficult to make it flat, turn the sheet inside out and start ironing on it to make it flat.
  • To check if it is flat on the board, stretch it by using your palms and ease the sheet.
  • Though a pillow sheet is a small piece, you still have to iron it in sections so that you can focus on each part and get rid of every crease or wrinkle.
  • Now put one section of the pillow sheet on the board and run your iron from one side to the next and repeat it until you are done with the flap.
  • As you have Ironed all the flaps, now turn the sheet to the back.
  • Make the back part even by stretching with your hand and follow the same steps, and you are done.


Ironing your bed sheet can offer you the best level of satisfaction. The fragrance you would feel in your room, and the luxurious look of your bed with the ironed bed sheets would make you feel happy and content. These freshly-ironed bed sheets offer you the experience of a hotel room. By following these easy steps, as discussed above, you can get rid of all the wrinkles and creases and iron them with ease and perfection.