Best Steam Ironing Press of 2024 – Reviews and Buying Guide

Steam ironing press is much more functional than the traditional iron when it comes to revitalizing the appearance of freshly washed garments. The machine helps refine the texture of fabrics by removing the wrinkles from all sorts of materials.

If you have a perfect collection of dress shirts in a walk-in-closet, you would love to have a steam iron press in the collection. It would remove creases around your dress pants’ pleats and revamp the finesse of the office shirts in jiffies.

It’s a yet impressive feature; this modern style  iron press adjusts the heat and steam level according to the type of fabric you intend to remove the creases and wrinkles from. By using this device, you won’t ever have a fear of your precious silk gown getting burnt. You can iron delicate silk and sheer fabrics without exposing them directly to the heat.

In this review, we will share top-rated steam press irons’ features, putting together their modalities, pros, and cons for your review. We believe in sharing unbiased reviews with our readers, so let’s dive into the information in detail.

Best Steam Ironing press 2024:

1. Speedypress Silver Steam Ironing Press:

Speedypress Silver Steam Ironing Press

Features with explanation:

Dimensions and size:

This steam press has ideal dimensions 64 x 27 x 55 cm, which do not occupy a lot of space in your house or industry, and you can easily place it in a limited space.

Light weight:

It is not a bulky, heavy-duty appliance. It weighs precisely 11.42kgs only, which makes it a perfect device for residential and industrial purposes.

Free pressing foam:

Speedypress also provides free pressing foam and cover for your steam ironing press. This foam not only protects the fabric of your clothes but also gives you smooth, pressed garments.

Moderate power consumption:

It is one economic steam press that comes with 1400watt power consumption. It requires less power supply and the good part is that its performance is not less than any 1600watt steam iron press.

LED panel:

Another feature of this steam ironing press is its LED panel in the front. You can quickly know about the temperature status and choose the right model according to your fabric for better results.

Dry and steam modes:

You can also choose between the two modes, dry mode and steam mode for your clothes.

Dry mood:

The dry mood is usually used for delicate fabrics, and if you have some stubborn wrinkles, you can always select the burst setting to eliminate them and get the silky apparel ready to wear.

Ironing board:

The ironing board used in this steam ironing press is of superior quality that will not damage your cuff, collars, and buttons.

Pressure-sensitive handle:

It has a pressure-sensitive handle installed, and all force required to steam press is at your fingertip.

Speedypress is concerned with the ease of their customers. Hence they have given user-friendly controls, through which even a non-specialist can steam press his clothes quickly with comfort.

Bottom line

This ironing press is ten times bigger than a standard iron and steam generator iron but still quite economical and easy to use. The results that you can have from this ironing press are not less than any commercial iron press. The user-friendly controls make this steam ironing press useful for everyone

Buyer Report?

Most of the buyers found this product appealing and useful. As it reduces the working time as compare to the conventional iron press. It is easy to use and very handy. Still, some users do not consider this product an ideal one to have.


  • Easy to operate.
  • Ideal weight and dimensions.
  • 2 preset modes.
  • Dry mode and steam mode.
  • Installed with pressing foam.
  • LED Panel.
  • Multi-purpose usage.
  • Economical.


  • Might have small dimensions for big industries.
  • Do not have an auto-shutoff feature.

2. Compact Steam Ironing Press by Speedypress:

Compact Steam Ironing Press

Features with explanation:

As the name indicates, the model PSP990 of steam ironing press is a compact model, which offers more functions than an ordinary iron press.

Highly functional:

As the name indicates, the model PSP990 of steam ironing press is a compact model, which offers more functions than an ordinary iron press.


It has 61 x 25 x 56 cm dimensions, which are pretty less than most of the other steam ironing presses in the market. But you can quickly fulfill the whole laundry needs of your house with this one.

Compact steam press:

This Compact steam ironing press is designed to fulfill your remote needs. It means that you can easily carry this useful product around with you because of its size and 9kg of weight, where you need it the most.

Easy to set up:

It has an easy setup. You can easily place it in the necessary place and start using it.

LED panel:

Although there is no fancy LED panel, you can find some light indicators in this model.

These lights are installed to inform you about your steam ironing press’s temperature status, such as when your steam ironing press is heated and ready to use.

Power consumption;

The best part of this steam ironing is the economic power supply. It requires 1350watt power to run, which is pretty less than the competitors of this appliance.

1350 watt is enough to power to steam press your clothes, as its power supply does not increase your electric bills.


You can save plenty of your essential time if you can use this steam ironing press. All credit goes to the unique heating plate of this steam ironing press.

Pressure press handle:

A unique feature of the pressure-sensitive handle is also attached, which delivers 100lbs of pressure on your clothes, and you have to wait a few seconds.

This press will heat up in a short time, and you can steam press your clothes in just a few minutes, thanks to the easy to use controls and simple design.

The superior quality ironing board can be seen in this model, which protects your buttons and zippers.

Bottom line

This ironing press is ten times bigger than a standard iron but still quite economical and easy to use. The results that you can have from this ironing press are not less than any commercial iron press. The user-friendly controls make this steam ironing press useful for everyone.

Buyer Report?

Most of the buyers have found this product exactly what they were looking for. With its limited utilization options, this steam ironing press saves a lot of their time, and the results are mind-blowing. The majority of the buyers felt much relieved. They didn’t have to stand and press their clothes in hours.


  • Professional results can be achieved.
  • It can be used for both commercial and non-commercial purposes.
  • Easy to understand the mechanism.
  • Temperature indicating lights.
  • Automatic turn off.
  • Comes with Non-stick Teflon coating.
  • Removable 1.6L water tank.
  • It can be used as a dry press and steam press.


  • No auto-shut feature.
  • Since it is a compact size model, it can be used for only limited commercial purposes.

3. Speedypress PSP202S Silver Steam Ironing Press:

Speedypress PSP202S Silver Steam Ironing Press Mega Iron Press

Features with explanation:

Size and dimensions:

This steam ironing press by Speedypress has a perfect size of 64 x 27 x 55 cm, which means that it will not take a lot of space, and you can comfortably position it in a small area.It is simple to take around and weighs just 10 kg.

Color variations:

If you find it hard to see the appliance’s colors, it’s not going to be a matter here.It is only available in silver color. Of course, you don’t have a preference, but the silver color is universal and goes well with other colors.


If you want a commercial-grade iron press output, as well as an economic one in your pocket, don’t ask for anything else!


It comes with a 1400watt power supply that absorbs a limited amount of energy relative to the results you will get from this ironing press.

Heat plate:

Using this, you can save a great deal of time because of a special heat plate. The outstanding feature of this steam ironing press is that you can do it with one hand.

Easy to understand control:

Very straightforward controls that an ordinary person can understand and use without any hassle.

Reliable Speedy Press:

Most people face concerns surrounding the opening of ironing presses, but this speedy press model has removed a lot of fear for their buyers, and now you can get a lot of ample space even for larger products.

Uniform pressure:

It has a uniform pressure of 100 lbs, which is the perfect pressure in most situations.

Bottom line

This steam ironing press can be used to fulfill most of your needs. It can provide you with an industrial-level performance at an economical price. All credit goes to a 1400 watt power supply. The user-friendly controls provided by the company make this appliance for every household or industry.

Buyer Report?

Most buyers like this product find it easy to operate in significantly less time, plus the side button for the steam function is quite handy for most people.


  • Compact and sleek design.
  • LED panel.
  • Less space require.
  • Two modes options.
  • Automatic turn off.
  • Dry mode,  Burst steam mode.
  • Removable 1.6L water tank.
  • Non-stick Teflon coated.
  • Reduces ironing time.
  • Fast heat-up time.
  • suitable for delicate fabrics.
  • Temperature controls for different fabrics.
  • Large opening area.
  • Temperature indicator lights.


  • It does not have an auto-shut feature.
  •  only comes in silver color.

4. Double-Size Super Mega (PSP-206E+) Steam Ironing Press:

Advanced Steam Ironing Press

Features with explanation:

Ideal for regular usage:

This steam ironing press model is convenient to use. It is a durable model and is primarily built for commercial applications weighing just 12 kg.

Commercial use:

It’s built for commercial uses, but it doesn’t mean you can’t use it in your house. You can certainly use it in your kitchen, but you may need a proper place for this steam ironing press. Since it is a commercial appliance, it absorbs 1600 watts of electricity.

Press thick layers:

The best feature is that it can press several layers of fabric at once, and these multiple layers can include tablecloths, bedsheets, and even t-shirts.

Non-stick iron cover:

If you deal with certain fragile materials, you can rely on this ironing press because it is covered with a unique non-stick iron cover.

Auto shut off:

The automatic shut-off feature provides you such comfort as if the press is left in a closed or open position; this feature will automatically cut the power.

Color choices:

You can also select from the different choices available to choose for other materials, making the ironing press much simpler.

Pressure handle:

A pressure handle on the top that evenly applies 100 lbs pressure on your clothes will be pressed. This pressure handle helps you to remove most of the harsh wrinkles.

LED display:

The Clear LED display feature is useful, which indicates when the press is ready to be used.

Quick ironing:

Ironing is a time-consuming task, but now you do not have to waste another minute ironing. Now you can have an ironing press and get your work done quickly.

Bottom line

The press boasts a sleek, modern design, and it has a mighty burst of the stream for stubborn creases. Quick to set up on any table or work area, with easy-to-use simple controls. It can be used dry or using Steam settings with a burst setting that will remove stubborn wrinkles.

Buyer Report?

Buyers are very much satisfied with this iron press as it offers a large opening area, Reduces the ironing time, and is suitable for delicate fabrics. The temperature controls function for different types of materials. Just a slight issue with its adapter plug.


  • Temperature indicator lights.
  • FREE replacement cover.
  • Fast heat-up time.
  • A water tank of 320 ml capacity.
  • Clear LED display.
  • One-handed operation.
  • Non-stick Teflon coated.
  • pressing cushion.
  • Easy-to-use.
  • Reduces ironing time.
  • Sleek modern design.
  • Auto shut-off function.
  • One year warranty.


  • The adapter plug is not of high quality.

5. Ultra XL Steam Iron Press by Speedypress:

Speedypress Ultra XL Steam Iron Press

Features with explanation:

Weight and size:

This model is one of the most advanced and modern presses in the UK, weighing 16 kg.The steam press is 24 times bigger than the standard iron press! This press will reduce the daily ironing time of the press.

Opening area:

An extra-wide opening area which is perfect for double sheets etc. Multiple layers of iron at a time will prove useful.

Digital temperature:

A clean digital temperature monitor prevents delicate fabrics from overheating.

Automatic shutoff:

An automatic shut-off protection feature is so beneficial as it gives you the option of an automatic or manual steam function that automatically releases steam press steam when the pressing plate is closed. It is 3 inches from the floor.

Handle for control:

However, when the steam is suppressed and how long it takes to use the switch on the handle, the manual steam mechanism helps you to control such function.

Suitable for fabrics:

The machine also provides unique settings for Nylon, Silk, Wool, Cotton, Linen.Wrinkle clear button helps you to press the button while steaming rough wrinkles.

Steam jets:

It also has beneficial features, including a fully padded heat reflective cover and a heat plate with control steam jets.

Reflective layer:

With its heat reflective base layer, full-length Teflon heating layer, and power steam jets, the Steam Press will give your laundry a superb professional finish, time after time.

Dry feature:

You may use this press, whether as a dry press or as a steam press, with quick and easy-to-use controls. This ironing press can be used either while standing or seated.

Modern tech:

The Ultra XL Steam Iron Press is fitted with modern technologies and comprehensive capability. What takes the longest time to iron is to re-position the clothes.

Bottom line

It makes ironing sheets and big things real easy, in little time, to work with a fast heat-up feature. The non-stick Teflon coated pan cleans the fabric with an excellent dry and steam quality.The steam exploded, and the wrinkles disappeared. Most variable temperatures are controlled.

Buyer Report?

Users are happy to use this tool, and it makes every user so glad to use it. Larger plates mean faster ironing of large and small items. Because this great product gives you incredible value every time, you save time and money.


  • Easy-to-use controls.
  • Digital Temperature Display.
  • Heat reflective base plate.
  • A water tank of 320 ml capacity.
  • Wrinkle remove button.
  • Automatic Shut-Off safety feature.
  • 1-year service warranty.


  • Auto shut-off function not available.

6. BlancaPress Ironing Press:

BlancaPress Ironing Press

Features with explanation:

Handy and comfortable:

This steam press by Blancapress is a handy and competent Ironing Board, perfect for commercial use. Mainly suitable for hostels, guest houses, small hotels, nudist residences, small laundries, etc.

Quick heat up:

With its quick heat-up feature, it reduces the ironing time by almost half.


It has a basic but lightweight and elegant build, which makes it a heavy-duty commercial press.

Suitable for bed board:

This is compact and can be used on any working board. It is suitable for bedding with a board length of 311⁄2 inches.


Not a lot to offer feature-wise, the machine is lightweight and convenient to use, and the performance of the press is excellent.

Bottom line

This iron press has a few basic features and functions. Because of them, it is widely suitable for small scale business units. It reduces the ironing duration and makes the work smooth.

Buyer Report?

As it suits the small scale business ventures, the users are happy with its utility and output because it saves their time and performs efficiently.


  • Professional Ironing Board.
  • Cuts ironing time in half.
  • Classy Design.
  • Fast heat-up feature.


  • a bit expensive for such a primary product.

What features you should consider before buying ironing press?

Choosing the right steam press can be challenging, particularly with all the choices out there and knowing what features are suitable for you and your situation.

To assist you during the buying process, we have provided this buying guideline to you, showing you most of the steps while choosing a steam press.


While purchasing this product, you need to consider the power wattage factor wisely, and which power voltage capacity is suitable according to your requirements.


You should also consider the weight of the steam iron press because if you have a small space, then a heavy-weight press would not be useful and suitable for you.

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According to your usage and requirements and available space at your point, you need to select the press’s right size with consideration.

Water tank capacity:

The capacity of a water tank depends upon your usage of a steam iron press. If you have to regularly deal with a large number of clothes, you should go for the product with a large water tank.

Temperature settings:

This feature requires a wise user as every fabric has its specific requirements upon getting the steam load during the press session. You are supposed to use this option wisely.

Timer feature:

The auto timer function enables you to pre-set the required steam press time and let this machine do the rest.

Auto shut-off:

Another handy and useful feature is the auto shut-off option, as it will automatically close the steam press process after reaching the pre-set inserted time.


Safety should be a priority for everyone, and you should consider buying a press with quality products with safety features.


Warranty for the product assures that the product’s problem is duly going to be resolved in any case of disturbance, and the money you have spent on it will not get wasted.

While purchasing the steam press, you should consider these features as mentioned above, according to your requirements and budget.

How steam ironing press works?

It is a system that provides a strong blast of steam to help remove all wrinkles and to provide users with a professional ironing quality. Steam presses are used for standard and bulky clothes.

They require an ironing board to press the iron to push the steam into the fabric. You must stand on the ironing board and manually maneuver this steam-powered metal to discover the fabric to get the clothes’ wrinkles out.

Which is the best steam ironing press?

As per our usage and according to the observation of various customer reviews, we have come to this conclusion that Speedypress Silver Steam Ironing Press is the best steam ironing press in the UK.

As it is easy to operate, having Ideal weight and dimensions with two preset modes, dry and steam, and LED Panel display and Multi-purpose usage, this is the out-stand product for you to use.