What is The Portable Garment Ironing Machine – And Is It Worth It?

The portable garment ironing machine is the gadget we’ve all dreamed of when we don’t want to iron or steam our laundry by hand. It saves you from the mundane task of ironing and steaming your clothes one garment at a time.

Let’s be honest, most of us do not enjoy ironing clothes. It is the most boring house chore, apart from dusting the furniture.

Effie is the first automated portable garment ironing machine for at-home use. The team behind this machine certainly knew they were creating a masterpiece that those who dread ironing clothes would appreciate.

What Does It Look Like?

This portable garment ironing machine looks like a wardrobe on wheels. You can push it up against a wall, and it fits right in a corner of your home. You don’t need any extra plumbing because it has an inbuilt water tank you can pull out and reinsert.

What Does the Portable Garment Ironing Machine Do?

  • It dries your wet outfits. You can move your clothes straight from the washing machine into the ironing machine. It has a drying bag for delicate items, like socks and underwear, and it won’t damage your fabric because it is gentler than a tumble dryer.
  • The portable garment ironing machine also irons and steams your clothes. It can iron twelve clothing items at a time, but the clothes have to fit into the device’s window. It works with many types of clothes, like trousers, short dresses, shirts, towels, beddings, and shorts.

How Does It Work?

Load your garments onto the automated rack using the specially designed hangers, then select the mode you want. There are three: drying, steaming, and ironing. Choose all of them to give your garments a complete dry-steam-iron treatment.

You can add scent to the scent pod if you fancy. It takes the machine six minutes to dry and iron each garment but only three minutes each if you are only ironing. The machine shuts off automatically once the cycle finishes, and you can pick up your clothes whenever you are ready.

It also comes with an app that notifies you when your clothes are dried and pressed.

Here is a video on how it works:

Is the Portable Garment Ironing Machine Worth It?

We shall consider the pros and cons of Effie’s portable garment ironing machine to evaluate whether it is worth purchasing or not.

  • You don’t have to do much because it’s fully automated. It does the drying, ironing, and steaming all by itself. You only have to load your clothes in and take them out when it is done
  • One button does it all, so you won’t be overwhelmed by several regulators and switches
  • It requires no additional plumbing installation. It has an inbuilt water compartment that you fill up when needed. You may fill the water compartment with distilled water, especially if you have hard tap water. You can either buy some from a shop or make the distilled water yourself
  • It is a time saver. Since the Effie machine irons twelve clothing items at a time, you save time to do other things
  • It comes with an app that notifies you when your laundry is ready, which is handy when you are preoccupied with other things
  • It cannot burn your clothes. It uses a way lower temperature than what is used by conventional irons
  • It is bulky, so you can’t just store it in a cupboard when you are done with it, unlike a conventional iron. You can, however, roll it out of sight
  • It cannot iron anything longer than its window
  • It is pretty expensive. The proposed price is between £699 to £999


The portable garment ironing machine by Effie is a brilliant innovation that will save you time and take away the stress that comes with ironing clothes one at a time. It is, however, not yet available for purchase as it is still in production. While we wait for its release, there are tons of steaming irons out here that get the job done right. Here are some helpful resources if you are interested in the best steam irons or looking for impressive and affordable steam irons.