Philips EasySpeed Advanced GC367226 Cordless Steam Iron Review

Philips EasySpeed Advanced GC367226 is a cordless iron. Its soleplate is robust, non-stick, and scratch-safe, made of ceramic, which glides over garments smoothly.

The smart base unit comes equipped with a light indicator that informs you when your iron is prepared for use. For easy and convenient storage, the iron attaches safely to the base with the help of a carry lock. After you wrap the cord around its base, use the clip to keep it in place.

Read on to get to know about its features in detail.

Philips GC367226 Cordless Steam Iron

Features of Philips EasySpeed Advanced Cordless Steam Iron: 

Ceramic Soleplate:

The appliance is going to make ironing a breeze for you. Its non-stick and scratch-resistant soleplate keeps your clothes safe from burns and damage. Plus, it is quite easy to clean and maintain. The soleplate glides effortlessly on all ironable fabrics that is why it is one of the best philips steam iron.

Steam Production:

This steam iron produces up to 90g of steam, which penetrates the fibers of the fabric to get rid of even the most stubborn wrinkles. In this way, it takes much less time and energy to iron your everyday clothes.

Besides, it produces up to 35g per minute of continuous steam for dealing with light wrinkles and 190g per min of the steam blast to flatten out creases from your thick and stubborn clothes.

If you want steam iron that produce good ammount of steam then you should go for a best steam generator iron.

Heat-Up Time:

Its power rate is 2400W and takes only 30 seconds to heat up. So, it won’t let you wait for ironing your office clothes in the morning rush hours.

Calcium cleaner facility:

This iron works well with conventional tap water. The Calc-clean function prevents calcium and lime deposition over time. Hence, it maintains the performance of the iron and increases its life span.

Simple Storage:

The iron connects safely to its base with a carry-lock. Moreover, you can use the cord tidy after wrapping the wire around the base. The cord tidy clip keeps the cord in place for secure storage.

What we Like

  • The power rate is 2400 W.
  • Fast heat-up time – 30 seconds.
  • 190 g/min steam boost and 35 g/min continuous steam.
  • Ceramic soleplate makes it easy to glide over every fabric surface.
  • It has a smart base with a light indicator.
  • Carry lock and cord wrapping clip for easy storage.
  • The water tank has 300 ml capacity.

What we dislike

  • The water tank empties quickly.

  • It does not have an efficient design.


How often should I descale my steam iron to keep it in good shape?

We recommend you to descale and clean your iron once every 1-2 months. It will not only maintain the performance of your steam iron but also keep it in good shape. Ultimately, the gadget will last longer.

Will you be able to use this as a dry iron if you do not need to steam?

There is a “no-steam” setting on the dial, so you can use it as a dry iron.

Will this iron be able to iron large fabrics?

No. I think it is impossible as it takes its heating capacity from the base stand, and the base stand is connected to the power supply through a cord. After pressing a small area, the steam iron will need reheating, making you stand near the base. The iron is not suitable for ironing large fabrics like curtains.