How to Iron without Electricity? Tips

The irons used in most of the households are dependent on the electric power. No one can imagine ironing without the availability of electricity. Still, sometimes your power grid might get compromised due to heavy snow, high winds, or cyber-attacks and you have to iron without electricity in case of emergency. This is because such situations might take hours or days to get back to normal and there is no harm in learning a new skill.

​Find Effective Ways to Iron without Electricity

​Having no electricity in your building might give you panic attacks, especially when you have to go somewhere very important and there are no ironed clothes to wear. But do not let your anxiety overpower you and learn these incredible ways to iron without electricity.

​Get a Butane Gas Clothes Iron

A butane gas clothes iron is the best alternative of your electric iron. Unlike the electric one, the butane gas iron is not dependent on electricity. These irons can be your best traveling partners. To work with a butane gas iron, you need to follow these simple steps.

  • ​Set your ironing board or any ironing surface and lay your clothes.
  • ​Ignite the gas burner of this iron with a matchstick or a lighter.
  • ​Turn on the knob.
  • Regulate the temperature and there you go. This iron would run as efficiently as the electric one and that too for continuous 5 hours.

​Make Use of a Camping Stove

Another effective way to deal with a no electricity situation is to heat-up your steam iron with a kerosene or gas camping stove to straighten your wrinkled clothes. You need to follow these steps and get out of the situation.

  • ​Make a leveled ironing surface anywhere and spread your clothes that need to be pressed.
  • ​Make sure the iron you are using is unplugged.
  • ​Cover the iron’s soleplate with a foil and place a sheet over your garment.
  • ​The extra measures are taken for the protection of both the iron and your fabric.
  • ​Now you need to heat-up the base of the iron by holding it above the ignited flame of the camping stove.
  • ​Use a water spray to generate steam and for speeding up this process.
  • Keep running the iron until you get rid of all those ugly wrinkles but make sure not to burn the suit you are working on.

​Smooth it with a Cold Iron

​What so if you do not have electricity at your place, you at least got the tool for ironing so make use of it and follow these ways to iron with perfection and without electricity.

  • Prepare your ironing board and place your clothes on it.
  • ​What you need to do is to fill the spray bottle with a blend of water, vinegar, and a fabric softener.
  • ​Before starting, smooth out the fabric with your hands as much as can.
  • ​Now spray the clothes overall and start running the cold iron on it.
  • ​This way you can attain a perfect ironed finishing without the need of electricity.

​Install Solar Panels

Natural powers are always our saviors. It’s high time that we make use of the solar light and be less dependent on the electric powers to use an iron.

  • Natural powers are always our saviors. It’s high time that we make use of the solar light and be less dependent on the electric powers to use an iron.Install solar panels at that part of your house which receives the maximum sunlight.
  • ​Connect it with an inverter so that the DC electricity can be converted into AC electricity which your iron can use.
  • ​Now spread your dresses on the ironing board.
  • Turn on your iron, and make use of the free solar power.

Make Your Own Vinegar Spray

Vinegar is something that works amazingly to de-wrinkle your clothes. You can simply purchase the white vinegar from the market and make your own by following these steps.

  • Take a spray bottle and add a cup of vinegar in it.
  • Now make a solution with the addition of a distilled water.
  • Shake it well to blend water with vinegar.
  • Spray it to the wrinkled parts of your clothes and straighten it with your hands and expect the best results.

​Invest on a UPS

If you are part of such an area where power shortage is a regular problem then it is better for you to get an Uninterrupted Power Supply as soon as possible so that you can make your everyday ironing task much convenient.

  • ​Make sure the UPS you are investing on has a backup battery so that you can iron with ease without panicking.
  • ​Keep your ironing board prepared with all the things set.
  • ​Plug-in your iron with the electric plug outlet of your UPS.
  • You may iron for hours, especially when you purchase a low voltage iron.

Utilize the Heavy Household Objects

​In extreme emergency situations when you want to get done with the ironing immediately but the power shortage gives you a huge shock then be efficient with the heavy objects available at your home and follow the following steps to iron without electricity.

  • ​Set an even ironing surface and spread your clothes that need to get fixed.
  • ​Use the homemade wrinkle-free spray all over your garment.
  • ​Now place any heavy object for ironing, for example a heavy medical book on the parts with the most wrinkles.
  • ​Make sure that the wrinkled part is getting enough pressure and leave it for some time.
  • Be prepared to see your apparel all fixed up without the electricity.

​Ironing Under a Mattress

The flat surface under your bed mattress can be your most ideal place to iron your garments on without needing the electricity.

  • ​Prepare the base surface of your mattress just like you prepare an ironing board.
  • ​Also, spread your clothes in the mattress base just like you do in the ironing board.
  • ​Now make use of a wrinkle-free spray.
  • ​Put back the mattress on its place and yes definitely above the garments to be ironed.
  • ​Leave it for a few hours or have a nice sleep on your mattress.
  • Wake up, put that mattress off from the bed and see your all-ready ironed clothes.


Breakdown of the power supply system, and that too when you are about to press your clothes can put you into a stressful condition. But, if you are prepared to deal with such situations, nothing can ever stop you from accomplishing whatever you want. In this article you would find the best alternatives and ways to deal with such complex circumstances and iron without electricity.