How to iron without an ironing board?

There is no doubt that ironing on the board is the most convenient thing ever, but what if you are in a place where there is no ironing board? Of course, you cannot take your ironing board everywhere, so it is better to learn how to iron without ironing board. This article will give you the ultimate guidance and tips to iron with perfection, even without an ironing board.

Can You Iron Without an Ironing Board?

Yes, it is really possible to iron without a board with the help of some amazing ironing board alternatives. Though ironing boards are quite useful, many people still cannot have them for space issues or budget issues. But you can definitely iron your garments with great ease, even without an ironing board utilizing the best essentials already present at your home.

Learn Some Effective Hacks to Iron Without an Ironing Board

The following exciting hacks will help you learn how to iron and achieve the crisp and neat-ironed finishing without an ironing board.

Technique 1- Look for an Even Surface

If you really want to have perfectly ironed clothing or other items, then choose the flattest surface at your home. It could be anything from a bed to a carpeted floor. Even the kitchen countertop would do complete justice to your work and provide you with the accurate results you have desired without any costly board. Also, make sure to cover the surface.

Technique 2- Heat-Resistant Surface

Another tip to press a shirt you must keep in mind is that the surface you choose must be heat-resistant. This can help you in safe ironing. You would be completely protected from any harmful incidents. It is better to take all the precautions before.

Technique 3- Set an Iron Rest

Usually, people do not pay attention to this part but believe that it can actually make a huge difference. If you have not set the iron rest, it might be possible that you burn the cloth or other items nearby. This rest can help you in taking your time to set your garment and change its sides. This rest could be anything, a kitchen potholder or oven mitt, a blanket, or a towel. The tip to set it is to keep it lifted upright on its base and not leave it with the flat surface down.

Find the Best Alternatives to Ironing Board

The following ironing board alternatives will help you iron with perfection without the aid of some costly ironing board.

Alternative 1- A Magnetic Ironing Mat

A magnetic iron mat made of polyester and cotton fabric is the ideal thing to iron on. This thick sheet prevents the generation of extreme heat. The magnetic or, you can say, the magical mat would help you keep the garments and the iron in one place. This means that your ironing would not get disturbed in adjusting the garments again and again. This magical mat would allow you to iron with great ease and comfort.

Alternative 2- Make a Portable Ironing Board

Another amazing ironing alternative is to make an ironing board all by yourself! First, you need to get a wooden piece. Now cover it with a cloth that is resistant to heat, like linen and canvas. For smooth and comfortable ironing, pin up the ends of the cloth. This will make you iron your clothes with great convenience without the costly ironing board.

Alternative 3- Use of Ironing Blankets

The ironing blanket works as an ideal covering when you do not have the board. These blankets are generally made of silicone-coated cotton, which is resistant to heat. Blankets made of non-slip foam also allow smooth ironing. These ironing blankets can easily be folded and stored away quite conveniently. 

Alternative 4- Use of Cotton Towel

Cotton towels are present in every household. So, pick the thick one, preferably white, as the best ironing substitute. Even if you do not have a thick cotton towel, then collect all the thin towels available at your home and make it thick by stacking one over another. The reason to choose the white or off-white towels is that they prevent any color transfer between the towel and the apparel you are ironing on, especially if you are using steam.

Explore How to Iron Clothes Without an Ironing Board

It may be challenging to iron without the ironing board, but it is not impossible. With the right techniques, tips and tricks, one can easily execute this task and complete it with success.

Tips and Tricks to Iron a Shirt without an Ironing Board

It is better to iron the shirts on countertops instead of the floors. You can make your shirt look spiffy even without an ironing board by following these steps. If you are enjoying this article, why not check out our checklist on how you can iron without using an iron!

Step 1- Start with the Collars and Cuffs

To start with the shirt, first, you have to run your iron on the collar flat from the back of it, rather than on the surface that is visible when folded down. This will minimize the risk of any ‘iron shine’ on your collar. Cuffs should be done next. The trick is to iron them on both sides.

Step 2- Iron the Front Side

Next, run your iron on both the sides of your shirt separated by the buttons discreetly, slightly move to the surface edge and allow the rest of the shirt to hang from the countertop.

Step 3- Move From Front to the Back Side

Turn your shirt to the backside, level it, and make sure that the front panels are placed neatly aside or fold them flat under the back panel. If required, level it with your hands to make sure there are no creases left.

Step 4- Take the Iron to the Sleeve

Finally, spread the sleeves (one at a time) out flat on the countertop while letting the shirt hang. Now run the iron flat up to the cuffs. Do it on both sides of your shirt, front and back.

Step 5- Finishing off the Remaining Wrinkles

With the buttoned-up shirt all the way to the collar, run the iron to make any final touch-ups. This is perfectly done while running the iron all over the shirt repeatedly for 2 times at least. You can also steam the shirt, at last, to clear the remaining wrinkles while hanging it on the back of the door. This is how you iron a shirt without an ironing board.

How to Iron Pants without an Ironing Board?

Ironing of a trouser involves pressing the seams, pleats, pockets, and the front zipper area. Specifically, these areas of your pants have a high risk of getting shined or burned because of the extra layers of fabric. This is why a softer and more padded surface is considered a better alternative to ironing board when ironing pants. Follow these steps as you start to iron your pants without an ironing board:

Step 1- Iron the Pant Seams Inside and Outside

Start with the waistband’s ironing, moving to the pleats, pockets, and around the zipper. Turn them to the next side now and lay one side flat on the surface.

Step 2- Iron the Legs in Parts

Run the iron in sections from the bottom of the leg, all the way up. Repeat it on both legs. Keep on changing the position of the pants carefully to avoid clustering.

Step 3- Run the Iron on the Creases

Throughout the ironing of your pants, you need to keep them as flat as possible to rest out all the creases—Buzz and press the iron to fix these creases in the pants.

Alternative Methods to Remove Wrinkles from Apparel without Iron Board

Different methods can help in removing wrinkles from the garments even without the use of 

an iron board. We have collected some of these methods for you to employ. 

Method 1- Use of a Clothes Steamer

A clothing steamer is an ideal ironing board alternative. The best part of the steamers is that you can carry them anywhere and get rid of wrinkles in your apparel in just a few minutes and that too with great ease.

Method 2- Try a Wrinkle Release Spray

A wrinkle release spray is something very unique and effective. These handy sprays keep the fibers of your clothes even and help to eliminate all the wrinkles. All you need to do is spray and pull the apparel smooth and hang it to dry up.

Method 3- Hang Clothes in the Bathing Room

Hang your attires and dresses on a clothes hanger in the bathroom and allow the shower steam to pull out any creases or wrinkles. It really helps if the shower is super warm and the windows and doors are shut. This can overall take just 10 and 20 minutes.

Method 4- Use a Hair Straightener

Hair flat irons or straighteners work as a wonderful tool for small wrinkles and hard-to-reach areas of your garments, like the collar of a shirt.


The hacks, tips, and techniques you have learned in this article will undoubtedly help you in ironing your clothes without an ironing board, and that too with great convenience. Remember, nothing is impossible. You can always achieve the perfect crisp ironed finishing without any ironing board by selecting the best ironing alternative.