How To Iron without iron

No doubt it’s a blessing to own an iron and you may not imagine your life ironing without an iron. Wearing well-ironed clothes creates a good impression of yours among people and makes you more confident. But, sometimes life may surprise you with an emergency, your iron might get broke or what if you are travelling somewhere and it’s hard to find an iron there. In such scenarios, it becomes important for you to learn how to iron clothes without iron.

Master the Art of Ironing without an Iron with These Life hacks:

Even if you don’t own an iron it is not a problem because the following amazing hacks would help you in accomplishing this task of ironing without an iron.

Remove Wrinkles in a Dryer:

There are two ways with which your dryer would help you in removing all the wrinkles from your clothes.

1. First is the steam cycle present in the latest dryers. It smooth out all the wrinkles as you start the toss.

2.  Another hack is with the ice cubes. Throw the cubes with your clothes in the dryer, let it melt with the toss at high heat. The generation of steam would make your clothes free of wrinkles.

3. Even if you are short of ice cubes, just damp the clothes or spray the wrinkled parts.

Give Your Clothes a Steamy Bath:

Getting late to reach somewhere? Got no time to iron the clothes you need to wear? Then don’t! Just go, relax, take a steamy shower, and follow these steps.

  1. Hang your clothes in any corner of your bathroom.

2. Shut the windows and the doors and turn on the shower.

3. Keep your shower in a warm setting.

4. Now take the steamy bath and let the steam do its work.

5. As you would turn-off the shower, you would see your straightened clothes free of any wrinkles.

Take Help of Your Hair Straightener:

Your hair straightener can work miraculously on your clothes, especially the collars of your shirts. Follow these steps to get rid of the stubborn wrinkles from your clothes with a hair straightener.

  1. Keep your straightener at the medium to low setting and allow it to heat.

2. Remember you have to use it exactly like the way you iron your hairs but cautiously of course.

3. Spray the wrinkled parts of your collars and start running the straightener after it gets heated.

4. Straighten out all the wrinkles and keep it in mind to regulate the heat according to the quality of your cloth.

Gift Yourself a Steamer:

Are you one of those people who hate ironing with an iron? Then gift yourself a iron steamer because it is way too easy to use a steamer than an iron. Here are all the best things you need to know about the steamer.

1. Steamer is considered the cutting-edge and most effective device to remove creases and wrinkles.

2. It heats up quickly and works on every type of clothing.

3. The steamers work very well even in those expensive dresses which are much accessorized and are impossible to iron.

4. What you need to do is just hang the clothes and steam it with the machine overall.

Make Your Own Vinegar Spray:

Vinegar is something that works amazingly to de-wrinkle your clothes. You can simply purchase the white vinegar from the market and make your own by following these steps.

1. Take a spray bottle and add a cup of vinegar in it.

2. Now make a solution with the addition of a distilled water.

3. Shake it well to blend water with vinegar.

4. Spray it to the wrinkled parts of your clothes and straighten it with your hands and expect the best results.

Blow Dry Your Clothes:

Utilizing your hair dryer to remove all the wrinkles from the clothes is another greatest and effective hack. Just follow these steps to see the magic of a hair dryer.

  1. First, dampen all the wrinkled parts of your clothes with a dryer.

2. Keep it at a high temperature.

3. Move your dryer now at all the wrinkled parts but at a distance of a few inches.

4. The hot air from your dryer helps a lot in the straightening of some hard and stubborn creases.

Work with a Teapot:

Don’t be surprised. It is not a new hack but of the oldest. But of course with the advancement of technology and devices, who would remember it. Yet this hack is still the best to help you in emergencies.

1. Make sure the kettle you have chosen is clean.

2. Now boil water in this pot and let all the steam come out.

3. Now keeping your clothes here at a distance, give them all the steam that comes out of the pot.

4.  Steam all the wrinkled parts, straighten it with your hands and see the positive results.

Let the Nature Do the Ironing:

No matter what trouble you are, nature is always there to help you in the best ways. You can take advantage of a sunny and windy day so that the regular breeze takes all the wrinkles away with it.

1.  Hang your clothes in that part of your house where you believe that direct sunlight or wind would interact with your clothes.

2.  Make use of the clothespin and don’t forget to fix the rags beneath it.

3.  Water-spray all the wrinkled parts of your clothes to be ironed.

4. Now wait for nature to do its task and remember that nature never disappoints.


The incredible hacks discussed in this article are the best alternatives of an iron. So never get disappointed again if you are in such a situation, just make use of these stupendous life hacks that prove ironing is possible even without an iron and that too with the most effective ways. We guarantee that these ironing hacks would surely help you in some part of your life.