Do You Need A Steam Generator Ironing Board?

Due to the recent rise in popularity of steam generator irons, a common question is often asked – do I need a steam generator ironing board? Well, the short answer is no, not necessarily; however, there is much to weigh up when it comes to the ironing board you use with your steam generator iron, and also why it is certainly not a bad idea to buy one that is big enough to accommodate it.

There are many advantages to using an ironing board specifically made to accommodate steam generator irons. The first, and perhaps most logical one would be that they are able to handle the large volumes of steam produced by the irons. If you use an ironing board made of chipboard it will get ruined very quickly. This is due to the large volumes of steam it produces which make the base of the ironing board damp, which over time will rot and disintegrate the chipboard.

What Makes Steam Generator Ironing Boards Worth It?

What makes steam generator ironing boards so effective is that they contain hundreds of vents and are usually made up of extremely durable mesh. The vents allow the steam to easily escape through the ironing board, which helps prevent clothes from becoming damp and also the board itself. This makes for a much longer-lasting ironing board.

A lot of new designs of steam generator ironing boards feature drip trays, which are attached underneath the ironing board itself and collect excess water produced by the steam generator that can then be poured away.

The ironing boards with a drip tray are brilliant for when you are partaking in long ironing sessions with an abundance of garments to iron due to these boards preventing moisture build-ups on the surface of your board and will also completely alleviate any drips of water from going on the floor.

Steam generator irons are much larger than regular irons, therefore they tend to take up more space on your ironing board. Specific steam generator ironing boards will typically have a larger surface area than standard boards, which is why they make ironing with your steam generator much easier and quicker but they also require more space when looking for ironing board storage. Also, you will need a platform large enough to house your steam generator iron and its base unit.

Steam generator ironing boards are typically much stronger than regular boards, which is necessary for steam generator irons as they are much heavier and bigger pieces of equipment. Not only are they usually stronger, but they are much sturdier, with a platform usually situated at the end of the board where the steam generator iron can rest. Standard ironing boards are usually much flimsier and can sometimes struggle to withstand the weight of these irons.

Top Reasons Why You Do Not Need A Steam Generator Ironing Board

Due to their size and weight, steam generator irons are usually sat on the floor or another stable surface while in use, meaning that you won’t really need a super large ironing board surface to accommodate them.

However, if you want convenience, then do look into getting a specific steam generator ironing board, and additionally, if you have young children in your household, you may not want to have your iron sitting on the floor.

A lot of regular ironing boards these days will already have vents for steam output and evaporation, so, again, double-check this, but you will likely not need a steam generator ironing board if your board has this feature.

Another reason why you perhaps wouldn’t need a steam generator ironing board is that they are more expensive than regular ironing boards, sure they definitely include more features and they tend to be bigger, but if you are not requiring all of these features to iron effectively, and you don’t want to spend the money, then you should be fine with a regular board.


To conclude, upgrading your ironing board from a regular one to a steam generator is totally up to you, and the decision should be made due to your ironing circumstances.

If you have recently bought a steam generator iron, and your current board isn’t up to the challenge, then an upgrade is certainly necessary.

On the other side of the coin, if you are on a budget, the board you have is suitable, and you do not iron regularly enough to justify purchasing a steam generator ironing board, then there is no need to buy one.

So, although there are pros and cons to purchasing a steam generator ironing board, the pros most definitely outweigh the cons.