Top 5 Benefits of a cordless steam iron – our ultimate guide

Let’s face it – a large pile of ironing can be daunting! While some of us do not mind the task of ironing, others believe that ironing is one of the most unpleasant domestic tasks out there, made worse if you do not choose your iron carefully.

Luckily, the invention of the cordless steam iron has made the task of ironing fabric a little less strenuous, and for some, has completely replaced traditional corded steam irons. With different portable sizes and convenient features, the cordless steam iron has made it possible to iron your garment anywhere you can find an outlet. Whether from your kitchen or the comfort of your bed, cordless steam irons make ironing a lot more convenient.

If you are still unsure why we love cordless steam irons for getting out the most stubborn crease, this guide outlines the top five benefits of these useful tools.

5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Cordless Steam Irons

Cordless irons include some of the best irons in the UK. In contrast to the regular cabled iron, the best cordless iron will be light and easy to use when eliminating creases from fabric. Here are five additional benefits to using them over regular irons.

1. They Are Safer to Use

Top cordless steam iron benefits

While a traditional iron is generally considered safe if used properly, corded steam irons can present issues such as tangled power cords, bad burns, and electrical shocks.

This doesn’t mean there aren’t many safe corded steam irons. Many corded irons have a double-clutch cable wrapping to give additional protection to the wires within the cable, making it nearly impossible for the wires to come loose or electrocute you. But that’s what the best-corded iron can do – minimize the risk. The possibility of getting shocked might be minimal, but it still exists.

The cordless iron eradicates that risk completely by eliminating the cord. By using a cordless iron, you can be safe at all times with no cable following you as you iron while eliminating tough creases from clothes, curtains, or other items.

2. They Are Portable and Can Easily Fit into Your Luggage

Think about the portability of your corded iron. Can you see why you’ve had to ditch it every time you’ve taken a trip, hoping to find a corded steam iron wherever you are headed? Too heavy for your backpack and too clunky for your suitcase, your corded iron is just not portable.

Corded steam irons are heavy and not easily maneuverable. This has led us to believe that a heavy electric iron is necessary in order to efficiently eliminate wrinkles from fabric. However, this is simply not true. The cordless steam iron is just as effective at smoothing out stubborn creases and wrinkles and allows you to take it with you wherever you go, making them brilliant travel irons.

It’s important to note that while a cordless steam iron is in itself lighter and more portable than a corded iron, you will still need to ensure your destination has an ironing board, or at least an ironing mat!

3. Multidirectional Use

With its cable out of the way, the cordless steam iron can focus on one of its most convenient features – its multidirectional use!

Unlike a corded steam iron, you don’t have to worry about cords getting in your way. This means you can freely make twists and turns when ironing your clothes, making the previously seemingly impossible angles now possible.

Cordless ironing offers absolute flexibility and ease of use, which are two features we’ve always wanted our domestic irons to have.

4. Resistant to Limescale

Traditional irons with cables are not so resistant to limescale, and as a result, deteriorate over time. Calcium and magnesium deposits form due to the constant evaporation of hard water, making this a very common phenomenon in ironing. Affecting the iron’s functionality and reducing the iron’s heat capacity, it can damage the iron over time.

The majority of cordless steam irons are highly regulated to control heat and cool off quickly. This helps prevent calcium and magnesium deposits (calc deposits) on the stainless steel soleplate or the ceramic soleplate of the iron. They also contain automatic shut-off systems, have an anti-drip system to avoid dripping water, and are built to be resistant to limescale.

5. Cordless Steam Irons are Rechargeable

This particular feature of a cordless steam iron can be seen as both a pro and a con. A cordless iron is able to work due to the fact that it is rechargeable, and does not require a cord in order to operate. This feature in itself is fantastically convenient. However, a cordless steam iron is not going to help you out if you’re in a situation without power.

Negatives to Cordless Irons

While there are clearly several benefits to cordless steam irons, not everyone shares the same view on them. While largely more convenient and portable than the corded iron, it cannot be denied that the cordless steam iron is not 100% portable due to its charging base. A cordless steam iron needs to be constantly charged in order to remain hot, so you cannot use this item if you do not have access to a power outlet.

Constantly charging your cordless steam iron can sometimes make your ironing process lengthier instead of more convenient if you find yourself with a large pile of ironing, although many cordless irons stay charged for a while. Therefore, a cordless steam iron is not the ideal choice for everyone.

Ready to Try a Cordless Steam Iron?

In general, cordless irons are great picks for the most sturdy to the most delicate fabrics, with many options to choose from on the market. With features such as adjustable steam settings, a tank capacity to suit any load of ironing, and vertical steaming, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect cordless steam iron for you.