How To Choose The Right Ironing Board

When you are purchasing an ironing board there is a lot more to consider than you might be led to believe. There are many different types of irons, and as such, there are many different types of ironing boards to coincide perfectly with the iron itself.

Not only do you have to consider the compatibility of your iron with your future ironing board, but you need to consider your own needs and preferences. After all, you will likely be standing over your ironing board a lot, so you better pick one that you not only like the look of but are also comfortable ironing with.

Ironing board for a steam iron

If you use a steam iron, you will certainly need an iron holder, this is because the steam needs to pass through and be released constantly whilst on. A steam iron rest will help with this tremendously.

You can choose from a few different options as to which iron holder you will go for. A compact ironing bracket attachment acts as a great iron rest (holder) for steam irons as there is a lot of breathing room for the steam to be released, and the holder is very secure, keeping your garment steamer safe.

A solid grip iron holder to place your iron is also a good option, they are sturdy, secure, and have plenty of free, open space for steam to be released. The final suggestion would be to acquire an ironing board with a heat-resistant silicone “parking” feature on the board itself.

The good thing about this option is that you can rest your regular steam iron on the board for as long as you wish and it is right there to pick up and resume your ironing. Also, the fact that it is already attached to the board saves you from having to either add one to an existing board or somewhere else in your home.

Steam generator ironing board stand

Steam generator ironing board

Steam generator irons are the heaviest of all irons and will need a strong ironing board to withstand their weight. Not only do you need a strong board, but you need a strong iron holder and smooth ironing surface that is reflective rather than porous due to the large volume of steam produced.

Most popular ironing brands will have ironing boards that are suited to both steam and steam generator irons, with some even including a flip-out steam unit, which can support both steam irons and steam generator irons.

Sturdy Ironing Board

If you do a lot of ironing each week, it is important to not cut corners with the ironing board you choose. A conventional steam iron may work just fine on a standard ironing board, but a steam generator iron with much more weight and bulk will likely need something larger and sturdier. Whatever your circumstances, you should consider purchasing a “luxury” ironing board to keep up with the amount of ironing you do.

The great thing about steam generator ironing boards is that they will typically be able to withstand water and condensation. They will also improve your ironing performance, as, after all, they are specifically manufactured to collaborate with steam and steam generator irons and their steam output, allowing some steam to pass through them.


In conclusion, the type of iron you use will determine what kind of ironing board you use. However, you do not necessarily need a steam generator ironing board if you have a steam generator iron, and the same goes with conventional steam irons.

Sure, they are certainly more suitable, and will positively contribute to your ironing, but if you already have a decent standard ironing board that will withstand the weight and pressure of your steam generator iron, you could get away with using it, as long as you also have the right attachments to make it compatible with the iron’s base unit.

If you are in the market to purchase a brand new iron and board (or just upgrading your ironing board), then you definitely want to get a board that is suitable for your iron and your ironing requirements.